Farrah Fawcett Documents Her Last Days

May 16th, 2009 - 9:16 pm ICT by GD  

Farrah Fawcett The actor belonging to the 1970s termed as a “poster-girl” and “pulse-quickening new-age sex kitten” is now in her death bed fighting anal cancer, the most dreadful disease in this world. A tough fighter, she fights the disease courageously traveling six times to Germany to be alternately treated with chemotherapy and laser surgery. Just as Goody suffering from cervical cancer and Dr.Peter Jepson-Young shot the final moments of their life, Fawcett also records the good, bad and probably the ugliest moments of her life. The footage actually captured to keep track of what the doctors state, the two hour documentary is shot by her friend Alana Hamilton.

On one hand while Fawcett is applauded for her courage, Lawanda Jackson is victimized for leaking her medical record. Jackson brings to the forefront, the medical theft racket. Fawcett’s victimization is well known because of her celebrity status just as it is in the case of other victims like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and George Clooney. There are many ordinary patients who do not come to know that their private moment has become publicized including those suffering from AIDS, cancer or mental ailments. President Obama has recently issued a bill aimed at securing privacy of the medical record of patients. Though Fawcett has forgiven Jackson, the issue points to a serious negligence on the part of hospital authorities and the people connected with it.

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