Exploding Final Episode of Private Practice for 2009

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By Anita Thomas
Private Practice Part One: Addison’s father while visiting her in Los Angles ends up having an affair with her business partner and friend Violet. To whom suffered a majored trauma last season with a mental patient and the kidnapping of Violets unborn son. As we all know office secrets can bring the entire structure of the building down, the affair that which Violet and The Captain (Addison’s Father) had was in the process of doing just that. As news spreads of the affair, friends of Violet’s don’t take lightly to her new love interest and rules along with trust are broken. Addison confronted her father about sleeping with her friend and colleague and later, The Captain calls his wife demanding her to fly to Los Angeles to tell Addison the truth.

Part Two: Dell exits his home after telling his daughter and wife Heather goodbye as he leaves for work. Once in his vehicle he turns to see his house explode. Entering the emergency room at hospital, the doctors of the Wellness Center are there to lend their support. Dell’s daughter and wife are in serious condition from the explosion and he waits to hear from the doctors.

Addison’s mother Bizzy flies in from New York to expose the truth to Addison about the relationship her parents have. After walking in on her mother and another women Addison refuses to face the truth about her mothers sexual preference. Coming to terms with her father’s affairs and understanding that her parents continue to stay married because of their love for each other, her father explaining he married the love of his life.

Dells wife dies from injuries caused from a meth explosion in his home and his daughter Betsey has a full recovery.

The show will return in Jan. 2010.

Addison:Kate Walsh
The Captain:Stephen Collins
Bizzy:JoBeth Williams
Dell: Chris Lowell

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