Expedition Africa: reliving the journey of 1871

June 2nd, 2009 - 1:46 am ICT by GD  

Mark Burnett is back again, this time with the show, “Expedition Africa: Stanley and Livingstone”, which will be aired on History Channel this Sunday onwards.

The show “Expedition Africa: Stanley and Livingstone”, is a kind of documentary series that will be showing four explorers (Pasquale Scaturro, Mireya Mayor, Benedict Allen, and Kevin Sites) covering a distance of more than 970 miles from Zanzibar to Ujiji in western Tanzania, recreating the path that Henry Morton Stanley took to find Dr. David Livingstone, a British Explorer and a Christian missionary in the year 1871.

A guide and an expedition leader, a survivalist, a National Geographic correspondent and a journalist make up the team of four who will be attempting to replicate the challenges faced by Henry Morton Stanley. The four participants all have their individual strengths, which in fact was the main reason behind the particular four being chosen by Mark Burnett for the expedition. Each participant, with his individual qualities, will offer a variety of dimensions to the show.

About “Expedition Africa”, Mark Burnett, the producer and the creator of the “Survivor”, says, “The first thing was to hire an old 16th century boat to even get them from Zanzibar to the African main land. Then they had to hire porters. They even hired Masai warriors to guard them from the lions and some trouble, and then head off.”

As the show gets older, it will get more interesting to see how the four explorers endure the demanding toils of raw Africa.

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