Exorcist: The Beginning Deepens Faith

June 24th, 2009 - 5:54 pm ICT by GD  

ExorcistThe horror movie series “Exorcist” was never a cheesy one, it had impressive visual and audio effects to horrify any viewer, for that matter. If you have seen “Exorcist-The Beginning” and “Exorcism Of Emily Rose” then you would know what exactly I am talking about. The storyline of both the movies in the series is similar, it talks about a girl and boy being possessed by evil spirits. The actual idea comes from a true story of a boy in Maryland being possessed by an evil spirit back in the year 1949.

In “Exorcist-The Beginning” the Father of a church, Merrin participates in a digging job assigned by archaeologists and discovers the uncanny nature of the church. The evil spirit, Pazuzu, causes a lot of bloodshed and death all over but surprisingly, only the Father survives. The story has imbibed Catholic dogma and the director has successfully retained the seriousness and chilling effect all throughout. Though the film did not receive great reviews from the respected critics, yet, the general audiences world over liked it and the movie went on to become a cult one.

“The Unborn” which is the latest addition to the series, released on June 22nd, 2009, also talks about a college student getting uncanny nightmares of children whispering ominous sentences into her ears. It is later discovered that something is trying to notify her about her unborn twin brother who died in the womb and now wants to be reborn. Seems horrifying again, the movie will surely appeal to its audiences due to its unforgettable storyline and seriousness.

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