Escape to freedom- Celebrities walk out of the jungle!

July 22nd, 2009 - 1:39 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Escape to freedom- Celebrities walk out of the jungle! After having spent one week in the jungle… the celebrities have now realized what they have got into. It was Aakashh Deep Saigal’s dreaded task that instigated everyone to walk out on the show. He was nominated to do the task “Fill your face”. The task had him cover his head with a jar and all kinds of insects, bugs and mealworms to give him company inside. This was not as simple as it looked… and at every point anchors– Mini and Yudi asked him if he was ok to move on with the task. But Aakshh decided to continue and managed to stay put for about 9 minutes and earned that many stars for his camp.
After he returned to the camp, he realized that his face and neck had swollen up with all the insect bites. Seeing Aakashh in this state all the celebrities completely lost their cool. Shweta said “We are all actors and if I had gone for this task and scratched what would have happened, my entire career would have been at stake!” Chetan added with “This is not fear or adventure but this has been done to add the wow factor in the show”, Marc said “This is traumatic and sadistic”. At the camp all collectively decided that they needed an answer to this inhuman treatment meted out to them or they walk out of the show. In the meanwhile a doctor came in and treated Aakashh… but by then the celebrities felt enough is enough and made up their minds to leave the camp.
With their bags packed together they walked through the dense jungle to the jetty (they need to cross the river before they reach the resort), on the other side. No amount of coaxing and cajoling from producer Nivedit Alva could clam them all down… Ironically in all this hustle bustle some celebrities demanded more money to now stay on the show! We wonder if it was their love for Aakashh or it was merely a strategy to get a hike in price!
It was no easy task to put up this mega show, Iss Jungle… one of the biggest reality shows on Indian television, on air. After so much of hard work, for over 6 months, by hundreds of people working to get the show going; the celebrities who accepted the challenge and the viewers who are anxious to see their brave and daring celebs in the jungle, this surely is a catastrophe no one had foreseen. Negotiations and talks for reconciliation is still on…but if they are just a step away from civilization and freedom, then there’s little hope they will return to the jungle! - Sampurn Media
Escape to freedom- Celebrities walk out of the jungle!

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