Elle Macpherson’s secret to looking 20 at 45 revealed

May 4th, 2009 - 6:21 pm ICT by ANI  

London, May 4 (ANI): Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson’s secret to looking like a twenty something at the age of 45 has been revealed by her personal trainer James Duigan.

Macpherson has attracted a lot of interest with her killer figure and Duigan was contacted to find out the reason for her great shape.

The trainer first revealed that Macpherson is a person who swears by fish oil, and it is one of the reasons she is so trim.

“They’re great for helping your body burn fat, especially around your stomach and waist,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

In fact, the latest study, from the Mayo clinic in Minnesota in the US, reveals that the omega-3 fatty acid contained in these oils helps suppress appetite and encourages the body to burn fat around the mid-section.

Secondly the model moves around a lot, whether she’s cycling her kids to school in West London, or surfing in her native Australia, is always on the move.

“She makes exercise a part of her day,” Duigan said.

“When she was in Sydney recently, she was cycling and surfing all the time. It’s important to stay active at weekends and holidays but, like Elle, you can make it fun,” he explained.

Thirdly Macpherson does not want to be skinny, she is happy to have a few extra pounds on her body.

“A few pounds show a lot on my body but it’s OK. I believe women look good with a bit of softness to them,” the model once said.

Although she’s very slim, Macpherson always kept her curves during her modelling career, which is probably why she’s so fit now.

“If you yo-yo diet or starve yourself, your metabolism suffers greatly,” says nutritionist Carina Norris.

“It catches up with you in later life and you’ll find it harder to keep a steady weight. It’s far better to eat well and move around a bit instead of messing with your metabolism,” she added.

Fourthly, Macpherson believes in her organic diet, and even says so.

“I would encourage everyone to give it a go,” she said.

Studies show that organic food contains more nutrients - and the more nutrients your body absorbs, the less hungry it feels, however, it can be pricey, so just add the odd organic item to your basket when you can.

Fifthly, she likes to meditate, as it allows her to take time out to focus on her mind.

“Keeping stress at bay is one of the best things you can do for your body and waistline,” Duigan said.

Stress is closely linked with stomach fat - studies show that when we’re stressed, our bodies release cortisol, a hormone that encourages our body to store fat around our waist and tummies. (ANI)

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