Ekta Kapoor To Party In Parents’ Home(But They Are Not Invited)

June 7th, 2009 - 3:15 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

 Ekta  Kapoor To Party In  Parents' Home(But They Are Not Invited) By Subhash K. Jha

As usual, Ekta Kapoor plans to host a big birthday bash a month after her actual birthday.

Though she turns 31 on June 7 the birthday bash will be held on July 11. This is the partying procedure followed by the capricious queen of soaps every year.

But this time there’s a difference. The party will be held in Ekta’s parents’ home. But her parents are not invited.

Chuckles the wunder-queen, “As you know I’ve moved back with my parents. So my birthday bash is going to be there at my parents’ home. But I can’t party in front of my parents, specially my dad who still treats me like a kid, ruffles my hair, kisses my forehead, clocks my time out. If he sees me partying he’ll freak out. To him I’m still that 12-year old daughter.”

So what plans does Ekta have for her dad?

“I think I’ll pack him off for the night with mom to my apartment which is just a hop away from our bungalow. See, I love my Dad but I can’t be partying with him around. Mom is my friend. And she’s welcome to join us.But she can’t leave my Dad somewhere and be with us for the party.”

There’s another reason why Ekta wants her dad out of the way for the birthday party. “My friends find him really HOT. And I can’t bear that. I’ve always been madly possessive about my dad . I once chased an over-enthusiastic female fan with a slipper. And what about this very successful female superstar now happily married? I glared so hard at her she nearly shriveled up and never cosied up to my dad again.”

This time Ekta intends to party for her birthday with a difference. “The big bash on on July 11 is for my colleagues in the television industry. For my friends from the outside the industry I’ve planned a series of birthday dinners, just intimate group of common friends who are comfortable together over a period of 4-5 days.”

On the her birthday, June 7 Ekta makes her usual birthday trip to Tirupathi.

About being 31 she says, “I think the 30s is the 20s of the new generation.Who knows, next year this time I could start feeling like a teenager. There’s a whole Benjamin Button happening to my life.”
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 Ekta  Kapoor To Party In  Parents' Home(But They Are Not Invited)

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