Eco-friendly entertainment

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Eco-friendly entertainment By Deepa Mishra

She is only thirteen but has touched upon almost every genre of showbiz, be it Films, regional cinema, reality show or serials. This all rounder lass is better designated as an entertainer. Chhote Miyan fame Aayesha’s Kaduskar strikes a perfect balance between TV, films and not to forget her school.

We bumped in to her recently in music release of her latest flick Zor laga ke haiyya starring Mithun Da. “This film is an attempt to create awareness among masses to save trees. We are learnt about it through book and here our directors use to educate us that we are the new generation and it is our responsibility to save the nature. And also told us the importance of trees,” Aayesha shares the gyan she received on the set. Story of the film revolves around four children, a beggar and money hungry builder. She is one among those children who along with a beggar are battling to save the tree from a builder.

Aayesha kept on and on expressing her excitement about this film so we decided to dig her knowledge on environmental science. Tiny Aayesha sounded very much concerned about her endangered planet. “Vehicles and factories emit carbon-di-oxide. CO2 partly remains in the earth’s blanket of atmosphere and partly goes in space. It helps in the in regulating temperature of the earth. But if an emission of green house gases increases, the temperature will go up which will lead to melting of glacier and water level will rise. In fact due to many other harmful gases our ozone layer is depleting causing skin diseases. Many animals are also losing their habitats”, she takes us back to school and jogs our memory.”

Apart from filmi and bookish gyan she receives eco-friendly parenting at home. “At home my father always guides me to close the tap while brushing teeth and also to put off the lights and fans while leaving the room. I also help my mom in maintaining our plants,” she reveals. Along with Gulshan Grover, these kids have gone door to door to urge people to save water. “We went to their houses and got their leaking taps fixed by the plumber,” she proudly concludes. – Sampurn Media
Eco-friendly entertainment

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