Dwight Yorke tells all about stormy time with Jordan in autobiography

September 27th, 2009 - 4:31 pm ICT by ANI  

London, September 27 (ANI): Soccer hero Dwight Yorke, the father of Katie Price’s son Harvey, is hitting back at years of jibes and accusations she could fling by telling all about his stormy time with Britain’s most outrageous pin-up in his sensational autobiography ‘Born to Score.

The former Manchester United star uncovers the real story with the traumatic day when little Harvey was horribly burnt.

He says that it was New Year’s Day 2007 when he rushed to his son’s bedside, after ex-lover Jordan texted to say that Harvey had been scalded.

According to him, Jordan’s text message described Harvey’s burn injuries as “not bad”, but when he finally fought his way past security at the hospital, he was shocked by the sight that greeted him.

Dwight says that that his four-year-old son was on a bed, with his right leg bandaged all the way from his foot to his thigh.

He says that his son’s nanny was sitting with him, but there was no sign of his mother.

Dwight says that he found his way blocked because Jordan had banned all visitors.

He recalls that he was so anxious that he rang Jordan.

“Again she tried to reassure me ‘He’s not that bad’ - telling me how Harvey had climbed up the stairs and into the bath then switched on the hot water tap,” the News of the World quoted him as saying.

“I was furious. Furious at not being informed sooner. Furious I’d been prevented from seeing my son on first arriving at the hospital. Furious that I’d been told the injury was ‘not bad’. And I didn’t know where his mother was.

“I asked Becky the nanny to leave the room as Harvey said, ‘Daddy, it itches.’ As a sportsman I know my way around treatment rooms and how to bandage. So I had a look at the burn that I’d been told was ‘not bad’.

“It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen - especially as it was a child and MY child at that.

“It’s a good job I’m not a hot-tempered man. Because what I saw that day would have had other parents smashing up the ward in fury.

“Poor Harvey. I don’t know what happened that day he got injured. Katie and Peter Andre have given their account. I wasn’t there, I can’t say. But, for everything Katie’s hurled at me about my parenting skills, I felt theirs weren’t particularly impressive that day,” he added.

In her own book, Jordan said that she deliberately slipped away from Harvey’s bedside when Dwight visited the hospital.

She said: “I made sure Pete and me were having lunch. I didn’t want to see Dwight as I was convinced he’d have a go at me.”

Dwight always had a stormy relationship with Jordan, and it got worse when she married Peter after their jungle meeting on TV’s I’m a Celebrity. (ANI)

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