Dr Oz Convinces Paula Dean to Stop Smoking, Cook Healthier

October 12th, 2011 - 4:14 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Famous Southern cooking sensation Paula Dean was a guest star on today’s episode of ‘The Dr Oz Show’. Dr Oz had issued the Southern Belle form Georgia a challenge…to cook some of her most loved southern dishes in a healthier way, which would cut the fat and calories in half. When asked why she accepted that challenge, Paula stated that she doesn’t back down form a challenge, that she will do it no matter what.

As Dr Oz interviewed Paula Dean before the cooking segment of the show, however, she revealed a few bad habits that she has…and wishes she could change. When asked what her favorite meal is, she said fried chicken, and mashed potatoes. The one thing in her kitchen that she cannot live without is her deep fryer, which drew a few laughs from the audience. But Paula says that changing the way she cooks would not really effect her health as much as you would think for one reason. Although people from the South are known for eating fried foods, and foods rich in fats and calories, Paula points out that these are not foods that she eats everyday, and that she and her husband love salads and vegetables.

Paula admitted to Dr Oz that she is on several medications that she would likely be able to stop taking if she exercised more and monitored her diet closer. “But I live life large everyday,” she explained. Dr Oz looked to the audience and stated that Paula Dean is like so many people who make that trade off everyday, “Do I cut out taking one more pill, or do I live large?” Paula had answered all of Dr Oz’s questions with no hesitation, even admitting that her favorite snack food is french fries. But when it came down to Paula’s worst habit, she grimaced, “I am so embarrassed.”

Paula admitted that her worst habits are the french fries, and cigarettes.
“You smoke?” Dr Oz asked.
“Well, I just hold them. They actually do the smoking,” Paula answered.
“Well how long have you been holding them?” Dr Oz inquired.
Another pause, and then, “Fifty years…”
“And how many do you hold a day?” Dr Oz asked her.
“As many as I can…about a pack and a half..” Paula answered.

Paula’s shame was apparent, especially when she shared that her husband had stopped smoking six months ago. Dr Oz stressed to her that he was not judging her, but that he wanted her to love herself as much as everyone else loved her. Paula had tears in her eyes as she listened. “Well do you want to quit?” Dr Oz asked her. She admitted that the answer was likely a “no.” But she explained that although she does not want to be a smoker, she is addicted, and that it is her one vice. She asked Dr Oz to help her stop smoking, and he said that he will.

As the two moved on to the cooking segment, Paula dean shared a recipe for easy oven fried chicken which was half the fat and calories of her own. She also shared a recipe for a macaroni and cheese dish which was also half the fat and calories. Dr Oz shared that he was having a lot of fun with Paula and had “fallen in love” with her. When he asked if she would consider writing a low fat cook book with him, Paula gasped, and in her Southern twang said, “Oh I would love that!” Look out Paula Dean and Dr Oz fans! A new cookbook could be in the works!

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