Dr Oz: 7 Days to Boost Weight Loss & Cut Carb Cravings

October 11th, 2011 - 4:06 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 10 (THAINDIAN NEWS) On today’s ‘Dr Oz Show’, the doctor, along with Personal Trainer and Transformation Specialist from the television show ‘Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition’, Chris Powell tackled weight loss and health from a completely new angle. They talked to members of the audience who had issues with carbohydrate cravings and explained why low carb diets are not always healthy and do not work for everyone. For many people, their bodies need carbs, and therefore they will crave them. A low carb diet will only increase these cravings. Chris shared with the audience a new “Carb Cycling Plan” which is a much healthier and more successful approach to weight loss.

According to Chris it is not a good idea to eliminate all of the carbs from your diet. People need carbs because the are the fuel for the body. If you stop taking in carbs, then the body’s metabolism will slow down, making you tired, sluggish, and even effecting how fast you can think. It can effect you emotionally as well. Weight loss and healthy living can still be achieved while eating the right kinds of carbs. Chris suggests a new plan which involves eating carbs every other day. The reason for this is simple. Our body is always either building energy or burning it. We eat carbs to build it, and then go low carb to burn it.

The Carb Cycling Plan is designed to give you a healthy balance with days which you eat high carbs, and days which you cut out carbs. Day One is the high carb day, which will boost the muscle. Five meals should be eaten which include one protein, and one carb. Along with this, as many vegetables as you want is also eaten. Foods such as Tuna, turkey, rice, and oatmeal are good choices.

Day Two is low carb day. These days are for burning fat. You should also eat five meals on these days, but only the breakfast should contain carbs. That is to jumpstart the metabolism to burn fat the rest of the day. Bran cereal and skim milk is a good high carb breakfast choice. The rest of the days’ meals should be made up of protein and low carb vegetables. This would include leafy greens, salads, and such. Corn, peas, and beans are often high in carbs, so avoid these.

The high and low carb days should be alternated for six days. What do we eat on Day Seven? That is the best news of the whole diet plan. Day Seven is the day which we feed our emotional and psychological needs, according to Chris. He explains that the reason diets don’t work is that we are depriving ourselves of things which we want and crave, and this is never sustainable on a long term plan. For that reason, on Day Seven you can eat anything you want with only ONE rule…do not bring it home. Go to a restaurant and eat anything you like. If you are craving chocolate, go buy one candy bar and eat it, but do not bring any of these foods home. This is to prevent yourself from sabotaging the rest of the week. “If it is in your home, you will eat it,” Chris explains.

To start this new plan, one should first eliminate all of the junk food from their homes. This means no chips or cookies in the cupboard, and no sugary sodas in the fridge. You will need to eat protein at every meal. You should have a meal every three hours, and eat five meals each day. Set a realistic goals, and do not try to lose too much weight too fast, or work out more than you know you can handle. In order to know what is a realistic expectation for how many pounds you can lose in a week, divide your current weight by 100. Give yourself a time frame in which you will lose the weight, and stick to it.

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