Divisive Michelle Money, Of ‘The Bachelor’, Confesses That She Had A Romantic Affair With NBA’s Then Wedded Star, Carlos Boozer

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January 27, 2011 (Pen Men at Work): Brad Womack is not the solitary person on ‘The Bachelor’ with a hazy history as another contestant, Michelle Money, has commenced to open up about her blunder, which was a romantic affair with a then wedded NBA superstar, Carlos Boozer, who was a ‘power forward’ of the Chicago Bulls (CB). The 30-year-old Michelle has uttered to the latest issue of Life & Style (LS) that she bumped into Boozer in 2009 at Salt Lake City while he was still competing for the Utah Jazz (UJ). At that moment, Boozer was still officially wedded to his wife, Cindy, with whom Boozer has fathered three kids.

Boozer and Cindy initiated divorce petitions in March 2009. However, in keeping with some media reports, the two tried compromise some months later, which was unsuccessful. Subsequently, divorce proceedings were reinitiated in August 2010.

Michelle, the reality TV’s celebrity, has confessed to LS that her acts were incorrect but maintained that she believed that Boozer’s matrimony was over. She has voiced that she should not have gullibly accepted that whatever was mentioned to her about Boozer’s matrimony was accurate. She has acknowledged that Boozer was still wedded then during their affair and that she lays the blame squarely on herself.

Michelle is the Mom of a 5-year-old girl named Brielle and has verbalized that she experiences guilt for the anguish that Cindy has had to undergo. She expresses solidarity with Cindy, with Michelle articulating that she had committed a judgmental error and that she can only improve herself from now on.

Michelle possesses a few acting credits as well, counting a role in the 2008 TV death row drama. She has transported craziness to ‘The Bachelor’ dwelling this season. She recently got up with a mystifying blackish eye and issued a threat that she would repeat her wound on Bachelor Brad if he did not consent to a one-on-one date with her, which he subsequently did, with the date taking place successfully.

Michelle has entrenched herself as one of the most contentious contestants ‘The Bachelor’ has ever had to deal with. She has executed belligerent antics in the program in order to conquer Brad Womack’s heart such as forcibly pulling Brad away from other females and departing from the set furiously. These activities of hers have annoyed and infuriated many of her fellow housemates.

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