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May 30th, 2009 - 2:04 am ICT by John Le Fevre  

Disney Pixar Up Disney/Pixar seem to have done it again with its latest animation, Up, already garnishing positive reviews.

The secret to their success largely has to do with the company refusing to underestimate its audience.

While most animated films pander to children and wink at adults, Pixar assumes we’re all equals, and equally deserving of the best they can create.

Up, its latest production, offers soaring highs that are bound to enchant viewers of any age, though there’s an unapologetically dark streak to this story, which begins when two young adventurers meet in the 1930s.

Filmmakers Pete Docter and Bob Peterson find a near-ideal balance between sweetness and sentimentality – though parents should definitely take that PG rating to heart

Up contains beautifully rendered 3-D images, while detail such as the hairs on the characters chins to the lovely lingering music, has been tended to by a Pixar perfectionist.

New Your Daily News critic Elizabeth Weitzman was so impressed by the 89-minute production that she gave the new film a solid four-star rating.

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