Desperate Housewives season 5, full of good entertainment (Spoilers)

September 29th, 2008 - 7:55 pm ICT by David M N James  

Desperate Housewives Season 5Lynette’s kids are juvenile delinquents or rather young criminals. The funny Gabi is bloated with two rug rats of her own making it more of a worrisome situation than an interesting one. The weird and phony Bree is the next Martha Stewart according to her critics. Susan, ever uncanny, is married to someone who is not Mike. This is your season 5 for desperate housewives

Season 5 haunts, since Mary Alice’s voice is still haunting Wisteria Lane. This also comes as tell away about how Susan and Mike were involved in horrid car crash during the five year jump. And also, in this premiere episode, you get to see all the desperate females. Susan is sleeping a house painter but the chum cannot sleep over because she’s still having relationship issues. Gabi gives a shot at pushing her fat daughter Juanita into a princess dress for a kid’s party, and wonderfully fails to make any inroads there.

Bree is in a raw deal with a photo shoot for her newest cookbook cove. Katherine is not enthusiastic about it since Bree is ignoring their catering business. Lynette gets a rude shock at ‘The Scavo Pizzeria’ it is now a dive where and her teenage sons gambling and drinking. Neal McDonough pops into a house on Wisteria Lane and hands the owner two giant wads of cash to leave immediately. Mr. Williams now owns the house, along with his wife Mrs. Williams, she is formerly Edie Britt.

The next morning, Edie is washing her car in her bathing suit rousing the other four housewives. Edie invites them to meet her new husband, a motivational speaker named Dave. Edie mocks Gabi’s weight gain. Lynette screams at Tom for making it look that the boys’ pranks are cool. She then side with Tom and allows the boys to a homecoming dance, Lynette lets the boys take Tom’s new mid-life crisis convertible.

Bree and Katherine feud over Bree’s new cookbook containing stolen recipes. During a live video segment for a local TV show, Katherine feigns injury; forcing Bree to finalize a recipe from the cookbook that was originally Katherine’s that Bree can’t do, resulting in disaster. Karen McCluskey is still alive. The car crash,? And Mike is OK, but the mother and baby in the other car died. So Susan and Mike share custody of their son.

Dave Williams really is crazy, because he’s an out-patient from a mental institution.

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