David Duchovny in rehab over sex addiction

September 1st, 2008 - 11:44 pm ICT by David M N James  

Astonishing revelations about X-Files star David Duchovny’s rehabilitation efforts have shocked millions of his fans.

Last week, news of David’s efforts to get his life together was splashed across the celebrity media and internet news portals. Little was known why the star was going for rehab. David was admitted in a rehab last week but details of the reason why he wanted to get something get OK in his life were not known.

However, the hype is that David checked in a rehab center to get his sex addiction problem out of his life. The X files star has been rumored to have recently been caught having an affair with his tennis instructor. David wants to save his marriage and his actions seem to be an effort worth the salt of a responsible man.

David’s addiction has been based on fantasizing on chat rooms and being very interested and excited about pornography. This is being related to David Duchovny’s Showtime series, “Californication,” which in itself is more of a celebration of sex addiction.

Californication is based on the triumphs of Hank Moody, David Duchovny’s main character who is a failed writer who can’t stop himself from destroying his own life. David has a family and some wonderful kids. After he is through with the rehabilitation program he is planning to move to Manhattan with his wife. David made his mark of fame through his role in X-files which ranked as one of the best television series.

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