David Buckner: Glenn Beck Guest Passes Out on Television

April 14th, 2009 - 8:47 pm ICT by GD  

Glenn Beck sure enjoys his arguments but did he know he could make people pass out. David Buckner, professor of organizational leadership at the Columbia University passed out while he was live on Glenn Beck’s show on Monday afternoon.

Beck and Buckner were discussing government investments when Beck asked Buckner, “You all right?” “I’m passing out,” Buckner told Beck.

“Want to sit down?” he asked, before the guest fell to the floor. “We’ll be back in just a second,” he said, and then the show cut to commercial. Videos of the segment showing Buckner pass out are available over the internet to view.

Before passing out Beck had said “Dave, as I’m looking at the states that are raising taxes, I’m looking at these and going — they are all the most liberal states, they are — all of them — they have all these programs, now they can’t afford it. At what point do these states just say they failed, they just — there’s no more money left.”

Buckner replied: :Well, at some point they recognize you can’t — you can’t tax your way out of a recession. You can’t. You cannot take money away from the consumers, from small businesses and individuals and assume that things are going to get better. You cannot entice firms to come in if you’re going to be taxing them. Firms will look elsewhere.

There was no report later to state why Buckner had passed out during the show or whether he had required any form of medical attention.

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