Daniel Radcliffe Clears Air Regarding “Equus” Photos

July 16th, 2009 - 6:20 pm ICT by GD  

danielradcliffe_855_18495499_0_0_7004955_300The recent speculations regarding the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, on his “nude” photos from “Equus” being available easily on the net, has been put on a halt, as the star surfaced to the media, defending himself from the fresh controversies that had been circling around him for some time.

Daniel has reportedly said that he has no regrets about doing “Equus” and having full frontal nude pics of him all over the internet. “It was going to happen, wasn’t it? Somebody was going to get a picture up. It’s not me looking my proudest, if I am honest with you, it’s not me in my best,” the child prodigy of millions of Harry Potter fans laughed. “But hell, the pictures were always going to get out, and I knew that. And frankly, there’s not even one part of me that feels that I shouldn’t have done it. It was the best thing for me to get back to what I love to do the most, which is acting,” added Daniel on his defense.

Daniel’s move on taking up such a challenging role, which is entirely different from the cult figure he used to play in his films, has been welcomed as a brave move indeed. “Equus” also fueled rumors that Daniel was gay. According to the sources, Daniel appears nude and semi-nude during a certain part of the play, where he is seen clinging on to or riding on the backs of well built male actors in black tights wearing elaborate steel equine headpieces.

The actor is yet to wipe off the speculations regarding him being gay, as it seems that the star is enjoying the hype that is been created around him. The actor has also revealed that he has many gay friends and has reportedly said that he would have married his “Equus” co-star Lorenzo Pisoni, if Pisoni were gay.

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