Dancing With The Stars: Who Goes Home?

October 12th, 2011 - 2:21 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 12 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Last week on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, much of America was shocked at the elimination of Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas. The dancers were asked to perform to songs which shared their most inspiring life moments. Kristin commented after the results that she feels she was sent home because her story was not sad enough. Either way, the dancers this week were dancing to songs which were inspired by the silver screen.

Chynna and Tony chose ‘Mission Impossible’ as their film. Tony was lowered from the rafters in a black suit as Chynna waited in a sexy black and red dress. Len felt that there were too many mishaps in their dance. Bruno agrees, but hopes that they are not eliminated, and Carrie felt that Chynna did get lost, but did well on holding it together anyway. They received a 7 from all three judges. Chynna and Tony are in danger.

David and Kym danced the Pasa Doble, and their movie choice was ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. David did very well compared to his former dances, and the couple received a standing ovation. Bruno loved it, as did Carrie. Len was not so fond of the dance, however, and received boos from the audience. Bruno and Carrie gave them an 8 and Len gave a 7. David and Kym were safe on results night.

Carson and Anna danced a Viennese Waltz to a theme of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’. Carrie though that a few of the moments were weird. Len calledit fun, but said that it was without technique, and Bruno called it fun as well. Len gave a 6, while Bruno and Carrie gave 7s. They were announced as safe on results night.

Nancy Grace and Tristan chose ‘Flash Gordon’ as their film, and also danced a Pasa Doble. Len was not happy with the dance, and Bruno advised Nancy to step it up. Carrie felt that Nancy needs to form more of a connection with her audience. They received a 7 from all three of the judges. They were in danger on the results show.

Hope and Maks danced a Fox Trot and chose ‘Toy Story’ as their theme. Bruno thought it was lovely, Carrie said it was refreshin, and Len felt they needed more practice. They received a 7 from all three judges. Hope and Maks were safe on results night.

Rob and Cheryl chose to dance a Pasa Doble as well, and picked a ‘Superman’ theme. Carrie loved it, Len felt that it was not intense enough, and Bruno feels that Rob should be more assertive. They received an 8 from each of the judges. Cheryl and Rob are in danger.

Ricki and Derek danced the Tango to a ‘Psycho’ theme. The dances started with a screen down in front of the stage and only silhouettes could be seen. As the screen came down, the dancers could be seen all dressed in black. They also received a standing ovation. Len feels that they were one of the best. Carrie called the dance “brilliant,” and Bruno loved it. They received a 10 from both Bruno and Carrie, and a 9 from Len. They were safe on results night.

Chaz and Lacey danced a Pasa Doble, and chose ‘Rocky’ as their film. Cher was in the audience to watch her child perform, much to the excitement of Chaz. Bruno loved Chaz’s spirit, Carrie called him “magic” and Len called it Chaz’s best so far. Cher gave them a standing ovation. They received three 7s from the judges. Chaz and Lacey were safe during the results show.

JR and Karina chose to dance to a ‘Pink Panther’ theme. The dance was both elegant and humorous, which Carrie did not especially like. Len did not agree with Carrie, and loved it. Bruno felt that it was great. They received 9s from both Bruno and Len and an 8 from Carrie. When the results were shared, they were safe.

So at the end of results night, Rob and Cheryl, Chynna and Tony, and Nancy and Tristan were all in danger. The first of these three couples who were named as safe was Nancy race and Tristan. Rob and Cheryl were also safe, which means Chynna and Tony are going home.

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