Daily Horoscope: 5 September 2009

September 5th, 2009 - 2:46 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Aries: There is enough money and romance to keep you going, so move onward through the storm. Having a full life allows you to go forward because nothing is missing from the present. Keep your life in balance and moving forward; luck could be around the corner.
Taurus: You might have some excellent opportunities heading your way. These opportunities are probably ones that you have thought about in the past, but never pursued seriously. Now, they seem to have a new life and the possibilities are even greater than before.
Gemini: You might have a minor medical issue today, but don’t worry. Just take the proper precautions and it should be fine. You may be a bit sad thinking about what you might have missed out on today while you took care of yourself, but you’ll be back in the game in no time.
Cancer: You may have romance heading your way, but a business opportunity could turn it all around. Why does it always happen like that? It’s either chicken or feathers. One moment you have nothing and the next there’s too much. Let your gut lead your decisions today.
Leo: If you let your dreams become your realities they will fill your life with joy. This is easier said then done, but you can do it. Make today the first day of accomplishing this goal and don’t let anything stop you. Then, one day your dreams will be your reality.
Virgo: It should be becoming clear to you who your friends really are and who just plays the part. Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer- this way you will know what they are up to. It’s usually the person that you pay the least attention to who does the most damage.
Libra: Sometimes we can see our path clearly, but other times we need help. That’s the good part about the stars- they’re constant, and always there. The path they take is reliable and the stars want you to take better care of yourself, today especially.
Scorpio: Your health looks good and romance is possible so partake more fully in your life, make it better, and be glad you did. Life is for living and it’s always kindest to those who do most whole-heartedly. Embrace the entire life experience and at the least you won’t be bored.
Sagittarius: If it hasn’t already, the party has to stop. An excellent business opportunity could be heading your way and you’ll need to be ready when it arrives. Begin the process by moving your focus from play to work, and stay with it until the financial harvest.
Capricorn: Don’t get sucked in by an illusion, because there is nothing like the real thing. Maybe your lover isn’t as physically perfect as a model in a magazine, but they are a real person- not a fantasy designed to make you buy things. Real people have faults, and to get along we have to overlook them.
Aquarius: As a good scientist you always proceed with proper precaution and know your limits. On the other hand, curiosity is what brings out the experimenter in you. Without the curiosity to want to know, you would know very little, so keep playing around with ideas.
Pisces: There is no finance in your stars right now, so work on your health and happiness. Good things come to those who emit positive energy. If you get your life and health in place they won’t get in the way of financial success. The two go hand in hand.
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