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Cynthia Stevenson and Bob Saget play parents who don’t fit into their upbeat, fashionable neighborhood in the show “Surviving Suburbia”. The show follows standard situation comedy lines, and is complete with a goofy neighbor, played by Jere Burns, and has a few really good twists and turns.

The new comedy show “Surviving Suburbia” coming on Monday night will be aired on ABC network. The network is trying hard to hit the bull’s eye and has been experimenting with sitcoms like “Better Off Ted” and “In the Motherhood”. These shows are devoid of any laugh track and are shot with a single camera following the style of “The Office.”

The situation comedy “Surviving Suburbia” features Bob Saget (Steve Patterson) who is a bit of a bumbler, and is bossed around by his able, no-nonsense wife Cynthia Stevenson (Anne) and two well-behaved children. The whole foundation of the sitcom is similar to that of “According to Him” which will probably have its last episode in May. “Surviving Suburbia” is lucky to follow ABC’s hit reality show, “Dancing With the Stars.” The placing of the new show after the reality show is expected to play an important role in drawing viewer’s attention.

Bob Saget has a background in foulmouthed standup comedy, but in this show his character’s personality is very faint and inconsistent. Steve is cast as childish and irresponsible in nature. In one of the episode Steve’s teenage son, Henry (Jared Kusnitz), tells him “O.K., Dad, let’s pretend for a minute that you’re older than me.”

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