Could Natasha Richardson be a victim of “the talk and die syndrome”?

March 18th, 2009 - 9:55 pm ICT by GD  

Natasha Richardson Popular actress Natasha Richardson is on her sad journey from Canada to New York on a life support system. The actress was critically injured after her ski accident. It is said that at the time of the accident there were no visible signs of injury and she was taken conscious to the hospital. It was only after an hour of the accident that she started complaining of severe headache. Doctors suggest that it might be a case of “talk and die syndrome”.

This is a very rare condition which critically results from a minor head injury. This “talk and die” condition implies that when a person suffers from a minor injury he does not feel anything at first. But as time passes there is a rapid collection of blood, in other words there is bleeding between the skull and the brain. This is also referred to as epidural hemorrhage. Medical reports suggest that when there is bleeding between the skull and the brain, the blood presses the brain to such an extent that it could even prove to be fatal. This is what might have happened to Natasha.

A person suffering from the “talk and die” syndrome can show symptoms of headache, unconsciousness. Such patients also complain of weakness of one side of the body. It should be noted that if this condition is not treated immediately the person can fall into coma. It would require an emergency scan in order to find the extent of damage, followed by a surgery.

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