Coach Coach Hota Hai SRK drops ‘Kolkata’ Is Dada next?

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Coach Coach Hota Hai  SRK drops 'Kolkata'  Is Dada next? Did Shahrukh Khan pay heed to Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani’s warnings? Why else on earth would he remove the prominent name “Kolkata’ from the logo? And if this is too much to chew, even if you are not a die-hard Bengali fan, think about what it would take discarding The Great Bengal Tiger from captaincy?

Certainly there is more to this, than what meets the eye, especially if the Knight Riders coach, John Buchanan’s shocking revelation that Ganguly could be replaced with in-form McCullum is to be taken seriously.

So did the Badshah of Bollywood do this to try to turn his spate of bad-luck, considering the fact that Jumaani clearly sounded off his {correct} prophesies on the same? Illustrated below is the new Logo of the KKR team:

In the first year of IPL, when interviewed by the media {ABP, Times Group Bangalore Times dated 6/5/2008}, Jumaani had gone on to say that Kolkata Knight Riders didn’t add up well, but sans “Kolkata’, just “Knight Riders’ added up well, as it totaled to No 1 of the powerful Sun.

Explaining further, Jumaani maintained that Sourav, a No 8 was far from lucky for the Owner SRK, as even in the past, the Number 8 has been harmful for the Badshshah.

Says Jumaani, “On 2nd November, SRK had entered his 44th year, and 44= 8, representing Saturn {Shani}. Unfortunately, as predicted, it didn’t auger well for the Badshah of Bollywood what with his shoulder injury keeping him out of action for months; Billu didn’t fare well too.

We had in fact warned him not to release Asoka on the 26th and the film bombed in a Royal way

His association with 8, Sourav Ganguly {08/07} who captained Knight Riders wasn’t at all fruitful. In fact right in the beginning we had warned that the color Black used for their team jersey wasn’t auspicious too as it’s also the color of the same Saturn, 8, and generally a color of mourning in many communities.

In fact, another team sporting the same color Black has never ever made it in the big league is New Zealand, who on so many occasions, despite playing well has hardly managed to win a major tournament, leave alone the World Cup.

Now that they are using only Knight Riders, our further recommendation is for them to also change the Black color, and Dada should wear Jersey No 24, {that we had recommended} which did him a world of good in the World Cup as he scored 3 centuries in that Cup, being the only player in any world cup, along with Mark Waugh to achieve this honor.’

But what went wrong with Sourav and his coach once again? Just having recovered from the Greg Chappel spat, he is up again in a face-off with someone from his own camp

Quips Jumaani, “Born on 08/07/1972, Sourav is governed by 8, Saturn {Shani}, 2, Moon and 7, Neptune, and his zodiacal sign is Cancer.

2 others who have captained India successfully have also been Cancerians. And they are Sunil Gavaskar {10/07} and Dhoni {07/07}. Hence coach John Buchanan’s claim that he is not a good captain does not hold water, at least as per Numerology, not to forget him being India’s most successful captain.

The combination of such Numbers makes Cancerians quite creative and unconventional in their approach.

However, like their symbol, Crab, which never walks consistently, such people are subject to sudden upheavals too.

They are also quite moody in nature, as Moon affects their mind, just as it causes high and low tides in the vast ocean.

In Sourav’s case, Saturn { 8} makes him misunderstood, and hence politics is not his cup of tea. Controversies usually surround 8’s.

Being a “Water’ Sign as he is a Cancerian, Sourav had great difficulties with Greg Chappel earlier, who is a “Fire’ Sign, being a Leo {07/08}. Fire and Water can hardly stay together; no wonder then that John Buchanan is a Fire Sign too, like all Arians {05/04/1953}

Dada is currently in his 37th year and 37=1, Sun, and is amongst his best Numbers; lakhs of people worship the mighty Sun. His decision to retire gracefully from the Indian team had been timed well, in this sense. In fact, Dhoni won the best player internationally for ICC now when he’s in his 28th year, and 28=1.”

Let’s only hope that Ganguly strips his Jersey, albeit for the right reasons only. -Sampurn Media
Coach Coach Hota Hai  SRK drops 'Kolkata'  Is Dada next?

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