Cindy Crawford Wearing just a splash of Shaving Cream

March 25th, 2009 - 11:06 pm ICT by GD  

Cindy Crawford A look at Cindy Crawford with only a handful of shaving cream wiped across her body for the cover of the latest issue of the Allure Magazine will make one think that “beauty gets more beautiful with age”

Yes Cindy Crawford, a top model and an actress who is now on the better side of her 40 years will be posing wearing (if one can say that), only some shaving cream on her smooth body for the cover of the Allure Magazine. This latest issue of the magazine will be covering the anti- ageing subject and is meant to assist an average woman growing old to cope up with the first and the saddening signs of aging.

This issue of the magazine will offer tricks and tips of the trade on looking forever young as regards to fashion, makeup and hair. But more importantly, this issue means to show to the whole world and just the ladies but to the gentlemen as well, as without gentlemen ladies would care about retaining their beauty, that beauty has and knows no age limits what so ever. And this was the reason of shooting Cindy Crawford in the cover page with a splash of shaving cream.

Apart from just posing for the cover of the magazine, Cindy also shares her personal tricks and tips of fighting aging. Cindy says that there are only two things that can disclose a women’s true age and the two things are the pair of hands and the décolletage, which is the neck area. If they are covered then you are as young as a baby.

So men, pay more attention to a woman’s hands and neck area, you never know, with these new tricks, you might be going out with a woman of 80.

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