Christina Applegate Talks of Samantha Who?’s Return

March 26th, 2009 - 7:06 pm ICT by GD  

Christina Applegate Christina Applegate would not want to be reminded of 2008 anytime soon. The year saw the death of her ex-boyfriend, and her own strugle to survive breast cancer. She now seems to have pushed all the bad memories aside as she returns bright and sunny to talk about the return of Samantha Who? on ABC. She speaks about Samantha’s struggle with amnesia, Winston Funk (Billy Zane) and the relationship between Samantha and Todd (Barry Watson).

About the latest season of Samantha Who? Christina said, “There’s a lot of changes in everyone’s lives, actually. We decided to concentrate on giving everyone else a life outside of Samantha. And so there’s a lot of scenes I’m not in where the girls are together.

And that I really like to watch because you really want to see who these people are. … There’s a new job in store for Samantha — kind of a new, old job. She ends up going back and working at Chapman and Funk, in a different capacity.”

She also spoke about the now on - now off attraction between Todd and Samantha, adding, “I don’t know if they’re ever going to solve it… . There’s five more episodes that they may or may not show and there’s some really big things that happen in those with those two. I hope that we get a chance to show them. … We’re only scheduled to air six right now and we have eleven.”

About being called an “inspiration” after her fight with breast cancer Samantha said, “You know, sometimes I don’t feel very inspirational in my life. But, if the fact that coming out and being really honest about what I went through, that was the only way it was going to be effective was if I was really honest. If that helped some people, if that woke up some people in their eyes or prompted them to go get tested, or got them to feel OK about what just happened to them and talk to somebody about it, then I love the word and I don’t mind being called that.”

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