Charity Begins At Home: Mansi Salvi

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Mansi Salvi By Shruti Didwaniya

Mansi salve who used to be a cute bahu and sweet face of television is back in action. Mansi was raising her baby and was on maternity leave from television but now after two years break she is come back with the Madhur Bhandarkar’s show on Sony, special @10, titled as Anjali. She is playing the lead in the show. We had a candid chat with Mansi about her role, career and her journey in the industry.

Tell us about your role in the show special @10?

I am playing a role of a doctor. Her name is Dr. Anjali Pradhan. She is a doctor in a small town called Dabrawati and there were some happenings in Dabrawati which were quite strange based on superstition and it is basically her fight against those beliefs.

You have delivered a baby so you enjoying motherhood? How’s your baby doing?

I am really happy and yes I am enjoying my motherhood a lot. And my baby is doing quite well and she is cooperating with my shooting schedule. Although this is my first project that I have shot for after a gap but she didn’t bother me much and so I am able to concentrate on my work well.

You are again working with Shakti Anand so tell us about him. How is he as a co-star?

It’s quite strange but before taking my break, two years back I shot in the same studio with Shakti and for the same channel. Sony and now coincidently I am back in the same studio with Shakti and the same channel. It’s really strange and weird. Shakti is always been very modest and down to earth guy and he is still the same person that he was. It was a pleasure to work with him again.

Its very difficult to bring a social change or awareness alone as there comes so many barriers and it happened in the soap also with you so what do you think is the reason people see things going wrong around them but never raise there voices?

Some are quite feeble to even raise their voices and some are scared about the fact that they won’t be supported but there are some who take a step forward. I think somebody has to take an initiative and has to be supported as the things are going to happen gradually but positively it will happen someday. As a human being we have evolved from what we were and what we are now, so everything is going to take time but someday things will definitely happen.

You being an actress would like to bring any social change or awareness?

I don’t want to look at any change or awareness globally or on the country level. My idea of creating an awareness and change is to do it from your home; anywhere where you are mingling around. It’s not necessary to go out of our way to bring a change or something, we can notice small small things around us which we generally ignore and we can bring a change right from our home after all “charity begins at home”.

Your fans are very happy to see you back on television so what do you want to tell them?

It’s great my fans have supported me from past twelve years from my first show Ashirwaad so I am glad they have been supporting me in all phases of my life, like while I was a student then I got married. Today I am a mother and they are still there with me. I can make out from the websites and comments and response that they give me it’s wonderful and I just want their love and support and that will keep me going for sure.

What were you doing all these days?

I was losing my weight, was working out to get back my shape and one best part that god has helped me that I have started looking the same what I used to look two years back. After losing my weight, I am quite happy. Initially it was very easy for me to just get and go for work and come back home and sleep but now things have changed. I have so many responsibilities. I have to take care of my daughter, my family but good thing is that my mother and in laws are very supportive and I so I am able to manage everything very well.

Where most of the tele-stars are seen in reality shows, you aren’t visible. Why?

I guess too much of commitment is required for the reality shows and as of now I am comfortable for four days shoot or something. But if anything good comes then I will definitely take it.

How would you describe your journey till now in the entertainment world?

For me, my graph was never too high, never too low. It’s always been steady. I have been able to do many things along with my career. I did my studies while I was shooting. It’s been a balance between everything. I always wanted it go slow and steady.

What else are you working on these days? Any new shows coming up?

No, nothing! I just want to concentrate on one show now. I am doing advertisements. I have done an advertisement for Britannia and one more. Frankly speaking, its going to be very difficult for me to take up a daily now but still if something good comes why not. I have a long way to go and I have just kept my fingers crossed. – Sampurn Media
Mansi Salvi

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