Celina Jaitley Takes On Newcomer

June 15th, 2009 - 5:41 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Celina Jaitley Takes On Newcomer By Subhash K Jha

This isn’t first time it has happened. A young male wannabe getting his publicity machinery into top-gear to gain mileage by being linked with a glamorous actress.

But this is the first time in the history of our entertainment industry that an angry and humiliated actress has taken on a newcomer who dared to get himself linked to be noticed.

Celina Jaitley who has been shooting a thriller directed by Jagmoham Mundhra with the talented newcomer Abhimanyu Singh , was shocked to wake up on Friday morning to read about how “upset” Abhimanyu was to read about his link-up with Celina.

“What link-up is he talking about?Who linked him with me except himself? This is the first time I’ve heard about this so-called link-up” Celina could barely contain her anger.

Outraged and hurt by a fellow-actor’s blatant attempts to distort and misconstrue their association for publicity Celina rushed off an sms to Abhimanyu(text given below)

Says the actress, “This is a perennial problem.You are nice to a co-star and he decides to repay your kindness by planting cheap stories. Recently it happened to me when a co-star who’s a dear friend whom I don’t want to name gave out a story about how he “manhandled’ me on the sets.I didn’t react because all said and done, he’s a dear friend and a name in his own right. But Abhimanyu is a talented actor and I was just being nice to him as a co-star.”

Celina claims the actor has been spreading the “crude’ word about him and her to all who care to hear.

Celina says such incidents compel actresses like her to be cautious and guarded in their professional conduct. “Next time I’ll think twice before being nice to a co-star. But it’s sad to see actors , established or not-so-established using their co-star’s name for publicity. They take advantage of my single staus and friendly nature. But do they realize how such sleazy whispers could jeopardize my prospects of finding love?”

Celina’s SMS to Abhimanyu Singh : “Abhimanyu, u better stop talking about this so called link up. In the first place there’s no link , so stop going to the media and crying about things which don’t exist.” -Sampurn Media
Celina Jaitley Takes On Newcomer

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