Carrie Prejean Photos have been leaked surreptitiously

May 6th, 2009 - 3:26 am ICT by GD  

Recently, Carrie Prejean, Miss California, has mentioned in front of the media that she when she given her opinion about the institution of marriage in the Miss USA pageant on April 19, she was actually voicing out her feelings that she had long believed in. For those who have come in late, Carrie Prejean was named first runner-up to Miss North Carolina in the Miss USA pageant. Critics feel that her response to the question about the legalization of same-sex marriage was the reason why she could not win the title.

In the talk with the media Prejean mentioned that she would “continue to support and defend marriage as the honorable institution it is” and that she would “continue to stand with the overwhelming majority of the American people and the voters of my home state of California.” She mentioned that her experience in the competition had taught her to speak her mind without worrying what people will think of it. She also mentioned that she being an American would never “allow anyone or any group to intimidate or threaten us to keep silent.”

Carrie Prejean revealed that she realized that being a model meant that she would have to wear skimpy clothes but it would in no way symbolize her lack of faith in Christianity. It seems that controversies love Prejean because recently she made into headlines because her photographs had been circulated illegally. Prejean has commented that these “racy photos” have been posted in order to “belittle her Christianity.” Carrie Prejean has mentioned that these photos were taken when she was a teenager and they have been released “surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.”

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