Camille Grammer Subtly States That Her Separated Husband, Kelsey Grammer, Likes To Cross-Dress

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January 14, 2011 (Pen Men at Work): Camille Grammer is the contentious celebrity of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, who has publicly jibed her husband, Kelsey Grammer, who will, in the near future, become her ex-husband. Camille participated in the national radio program of Howard Stern recently, in which she delivered a hidden jab strongly suggesting that Kelsey, the star of ‘Frasier’, was fond of sporting females’ attires in private.

Stern is famous for putting forth blunt and uncomfortable personal queries. Therefore, unsurprisingly, he queried Camille about whether the 55-year-old Kelsey participated in the cross-dressing Broadway show, ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ (LCAF), due to him being gay. Camille’s rejoinder to this query was rather puzzling in that she mentioned that the participation was for another reason.

Stern refused to let his questioning become soft and queried her about whether Kelsey ever titivated like a female behind closed doors during their matrimonial existence. Camille’s rejoinder was a rather shy one as she uttered that this fact has not been divulged by her. She did not repudiate the query fully thereby subtly implying that Kelsey was a cross-dresser.

Camille has stated that Kelsey enjoys the presence of females but there was something in their matrimony that did not click. Camille had once expressed that LCAF was the appropriate play for Kelsey to do.

Stern also cracked a joke about Kelsey trying to sport Camille’s panties, to which Camille mentioned sarcastically that Kelsey possesses a tiny waist. Stern grilled her about the premiere of the cross-dressing habit of Kelsey, to which she voiced slyly that that was a gift for her and one that surprised her massively. Camille asserted that, if she spoke more about this matter, she may be awarded a lawsuit, thereby implying again that there is truth to the rumor of his cross-dressing. Camille declared that Kelsey’s new 29-year-old fiancée, Kayte Walsh, needs to be queried about this.

Kelsey’s spokesperson, Stan Rosenfield, promptly issued a rejoinder to Camille’s comments. The question of the alleged cross-dressing by Kelsey was not tackled but what was dealt with was Camille’s slamming of her separated husband. Rosenfield has remarked that it is quite indistinct why Camille continues to utter declarations in public against her matrimony to Kelsey. However, Kelsey will not provide a response to any of her statements, notwithstanding their substance.

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