By R.G.Vijayasarathy, Bangalore

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Attached Seena review.


By R.G.Vijayasarathy, Bangalore.

Review: Seena

Producer: Murali and Kuppuraj

Screenplay-Direction: Basavaraja Bellary

Music: A.T.Ravish.

Camera: Jagadish Waali.

Starring: Tarun, Priyanka,Anthara Reddy, Ramesh Bhat, Sathyajith, Ninasam Aswath, Sharan, Sadhu Kokila and others.

If there is one reason why a film like Seena should be severely criticized is because of the regressive imprints contained in the story. The film encourages gangsterism, violence and killing if in the process it helps a section of the people. That is why you find the hero going on a killing spree and helping out a few destintute children and claiming that he had done all these things because of his committed love to his departed lover.

And what are the police and media doing when there is such a large mayhem is going on and gory spectacle us unfurling in the city. They are no where in the picture. With this sort of an unbelievable story it is obvious that Basavaraja Bellary, the writer and director of Seena lacks common sense. It is evident that he has handled his debut film with absolute indifference.

The first half of the film is full of mindless violence and the film drags continuously. The second half is a trifle better because the heroine has done a decent job. And the story opens up with a flash back. But even in the second half the director Basavaraj Bellary has shown any intelligence in putting the right perspective to his screenplay.

Bellary has also handled the comedy sequences with utter disdain. It is really painful to see the level of comedy falling to the gutters these days in Kannada films. Actor Sadhu Kokila is certainly a pain in the neck in the comedy sequences.

Still there are elements in the film which are to be appreciable. Jagadish Waali, the cinematographer of the film shows lot of promise in capturing some fantastic visuals for the film. Debutant music director A.T.Ravish has come out with some good compositions. The song composed on the orphaned children is really touching. The camera work and music are just the saving grace of the film.

Seena goes on a killing spree in the city for a good cause. He is prepared to do anything for money and even kills his own clients for getting some extra money. He is using all this money to run an orphanage. He kidnaps the orphaned children roaming in streets to get them a new lease of life in his own orphanage. All these things he has been doing for his lover Hrudaya who has some lofty ambitions. But the girl suffers from a decease which kills her finally. But she extracts a promise from Seena that he has to do something for the children. And finally justice catches up with Seena when he is produced in court. Now, another girl who is secretly loving Seena defends him in court. What happens to Seena in the end is better to be watched in the film.

Tarun is good in songs and has tried to give justice in action sequences. But apparently his physique does not help him. The new girl Priyanka is better though she could have been more expressive. Another new comer Anthara Reddy has a small role. Veteran artists Ramesh Bhat and Sathyajith have performed their roles with ease.

Camera work and Music composition are better in the film.

Seena drags and drags for ever. The film’s unbelievable story and the silly narration is difficult to be tolerated.

Rating: One Star. .

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