By George! Is O’ Malley Really Dead?

May 15th, 2009 - 9:47 pm ICT by GD  

The Thursday night 2-hour episode season finale, of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy season 5, proved to be quite a shocker of sorts, for fans and critics alike with the dramatic seeming exit of Izzie stevens (Katherine Heigel) and George O’ Malley (T.R Knight).

Although grapevine reports of series cast member T.R Knight leaving the show had been in the buzz, and had given rise to speculations as to the scripted faith of the soft-spoken but dynamic Dr. O’Malley, the dramatic twist at the end of the episode turned out to be a stunner.

Inspired at the beginning of the episode to enlist as a trauma surgeon, George’s decision had few takers, with the gang planning to run an intervention. Moving along, a critically wounded John Doe is brought in, severely battered and bloody from being hit by a bus, a gory mush with his skull smashed in. Apparently, the crash occurred in course of the man’s chivalrous gesture of trying to pull a woman, Amanda, out of the speeding buses’ way. While the gesture earns him Amanda’s adoring reference to him as her “Prince”, the crash leaves the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital scrambling to accomplish, what obviously appeared to be an uphill medical task. Getting prep-ed for the‚ surgery by Meredith, the bus crash guy begins to write on her palm with his finger the number “007″….Alex’s nickname for George.

As Meredith makes the horrific discovery that George is John Doe, the viewers are left with crossed fingers and bated breath. The show fades out with Izzies’ flashback of the infamous Prom-night episode, and her meeting a uniform-clad George in the elevator. While the audience is left hoping against hope that the obvious didn’t really happen after all, Meredith’s voice over dwells on the effervescence of everything precious, that’s here this moment,and then all of a sudden,”…it might all be gone tomorrow.” Just like George O’ Malley was.

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