Brooks Perlin is always on Katie Couric’s mind

June 3rd, 2009 - 6:27 pm ICT by GD  

The romance between Katie Couric and Brooks Perlin is growing every moment since they began dating about seven months ago. According to news reports, during the very recent annual Class Day at Princeton University, Couric clearly referred to Perlin when she said, “I’ve been called a cougar lately … but today … I’m very happy to be an honorary Tiger instead!” 55 year-old Couric is currently in a relationship with Perlin who is much younger than her. 35 year-old Perlin is a school mascot.

While mentioning the cougar, Couric was not implying that she considered herself to be one by looks rather she was referring to it in terms of its usage in the dating world. Many will know that female cougars prefer younger partners. According to, “dating definition” of a cougar is “A woman aged 40 years or older who preys on younger men. During a hunt, she can often be spotted by her leopard print outfit, which makes her feel and look younger.” Another person from the entertainment industry who shows cougar characteristics is Demi Moore.

Of late, cougars have grown in number with the likes of such celebrities who indulge in such relationships. The relationship between an elder man and a young girl has never caught so much of attention. However, the moment a reverse case arises, where the woman is much older than the man, it makes headlines.

According to insiders, Katie Couric, the CBS Evening News anchor, was apprehensive before getting into the relationship. The source said, “The age difference scared her off at first.” Couric’s friends have commented that Perlin is “extremely smart. He’s honest. He doesn’t play games. He’s sweet. Normal. Really grounded. It’s a drama-free relationship.”

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