‘Brahma Deva’ a drab reincarnation-revenge drama (Tamil Film Review)

May 17th, 2009 - 4:11 pm ICT by IANS  

By Maudgalyan
Film: “Brahma Deva”; Director: Dharmalinga; Cast: Dr. Ram, Sanjay, Tejashree Music Director: Muthuraja; Cinematographer: N. Ramesh Kumar; Rating: *

“Brahma Deva” is yet another reincarnation-revenge drama and director Dharmalinga has used decades’ old method to narrate it.

If that wasn’t enough, the audience has to contend with the double role of an expressionless Dr. Ram.

An orphan Essha (Dr Ram) is monetarily supported by the parents of a friend Ezhil (Sanjay) to manage their huge real estate. As soon as she takes charge, a series of murders take place and there is no evidence, which leaves the cops groping in the dark. Finally police officer Dravidan (Livingston) decides to investigate the matter.

And they find the reason behind the murders after a botched attempt to kill Ezhil. Soon the ’suspense’ is unravelled.

Through a flashback, the audience is told that in his previous birth as a college student Brahma, Essha had the mortification of seeing his college-mate girlfriend Sampangi (Tejashree) die after being gang-raped by Ezhil and others - all earlier incarnations.

Through her dying gasps, Sampangi informs her beau the identity of her tormentors necessitating the rebirths to avenge her.

The film is a complete waste of time, money, effort and raw stock as all other performances, music, direction, technique and cinematography are way below par.

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