Brad Pitt’s Claim: He Hopes Jennifer Aniston Forgets Him

March 15th, 2010 - 9:27 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

jennys Mar 15 (THAINDIAN NEWS) According to the stories that Brad Pitt is telling his friends, he is hoping that Jennifer Aniston soon forgets him and moves on to find her “Mr. Right.”

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married for five years, from 2000-2005. They split, and soon after, Brad ended up with Angelina Jolie. “Brad says he wants Jen to get on with her life and be a success in both her personal and professional life,” someone close to the couple shared with reporters, “Maybe he made a mistake by not getting back with her six months ago, but he no longer wants to be a part of her emotions”. At the moment, Brad is on tenterhooks and his main concern is keeping partner Angelina Jolie happy. He’s committed to doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

He knows it’s either Angie’s way or the highway and he is going along with all her demands, no matter what they are. But that isn’t the story according to Jennifer’s side of things.

The reports from Jennifer’s friends claim that she never had any intention at all of getting back together with Brad.

“Brad was seriously considering walking back into the arms of Jen,” a source of Jennifer’s side of things stated, “That was his idea at least. But at the end of the day, Jen was having none of it. She was having way too much fun playing the field to even consider getting back with her ex. Brad thought he could change her mind and he was stunned when she rejected him. He’s used to getting his own way with women so to be knocked back by his ex like that was a bitter blow.”

They went on to tell that once Brad realized that he could never get Jennifer back, he began to frantically work to patch things up with Angelina.

“When Jen let him down, Brad could see he had been wrong to hold her on such a pedestal for the five years they had been separated. Suddenly, he remembered why they had broken up in the first place — and why he and Angelina became lovers.

He’s fallen in love with Angelina all over again and they have been good ever since.”

Apparently not everyone is falling for that story either, however. Johnny Depp’s partner, Vanessa Paradis, who shares two children with Depp, had a fit when she heard that Jolie and Depp were set to do a love scene in the movie, The Tourist. She insisted that Depp quit the movie, because she blames Jolie for Brad and Jennifer’s marriage falling apart. Source everywhere were already saying that Jolie was up to her old tricks, trying to steal Depp from Paradis. “She’s already started — with the same wiles she used to lure Brad out of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” someone told Star Magazine in February.

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