Bollywood under Knife!

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Bollywood under Knife! More than talent, it is the overall oomph factor of an actress that is responsible to make it big in Indian cinema. And to win this personality contests, Bollywood wannabe babes just need to pass 3 criteria- looks, looks and yes, looks!
No wonder, our tinsel town divas take painstaking measures to keep themselves ever beautiful and oh-so-perfect, so what if that means they have to go under the surgeon’s knife to get that perfection. After all, masterpieces have to be chiseled and carved to perfection!
Let’s take a quick look on the Bollywood beauties, who underwent drastic plastic surgeries, and came out looking like a dream that could give Greek goddess Aphrodite a run for her money.
Ahem and to that, may we also add a few disastrous plastic surgery goof-ups, babes who came out of the surgery looking like nightmares!
Let’s start the countdown- from the best to the worse. Easy to say that Rekha rules the roost as the evergreen beauty of Bollywood, with a little bit of help from Dr. Plastic!
Rekha- The true epitome of the word Diva; Rekha at the age of 54, can still give Bollywood PYTs (Pretty Young Things) a run for their money. Well, pretty face doesn’t come easy; Rekha’s age defying beauty cost her an exorbitant cosmetic surgeon bill, but hey who’s complaining! Rekha got her nose reshaped, which gave a different dimension to her. She undraped the plump look and took an avatar of the sexiest Indian beauty till date. Interestingly, not many know that Rekha was disliked by her friends post surgery, for her somehow stinking nose! Nevertheless, Rekha became irresistibly hot favorite among men. So, it was worth giving a chance, looking at the super career graph of Rekha.
Sri Devi- A perfect combination of sensuality and talent is what shapes Sri Devi. Her everlasting beauty has always been the talk of the town. Her seductive bedroom eyes trigger wild fantasies and are undoubtedly her most attractive feature. So, what made her go under the knife? Apparently Sri Devi was not too happy with her lips! She too underwent a cosmetic surgery on her upper-lip. The surgery brought a drastic change in her looks for good, though now there was a bit less to kiss; still every filmmaker yearned to work with her.
Karishma Kapoor- Prem Qaidi and Raja Hindustani. Darling, do we need to say more? Karishma turned from yikes to yum after a short visit to beauty parlor and a long one to her plastic surgeon. Although she was written off B-town in the early years of her career due to overtly mannish appearance, still Karishma managed to swing to the top with a total makeover in Raja Hindustani. From being a proverbial ugly duckling, she became an overnight sensation and neither fans nor Bollywood could have enough of her. With the tremendous oomph factor she unquestionably became the most stylish female-actor in the film fraternity ever.
Taking a cue from these beauties, Bollywood babes Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra also underwent surgeries and had nose-jobs done; now do we need to mention what a straight nose can do for you! Piggy Chops is at the top of her game in Bollywood and Shilpa, well an IPL team, a posh London apartment is no small feat for a nose. Although, the Box-Office magic is yet to work for Kangana Ranaut and Shruti Hassan who post surgery have been listed in the category of spellbinding beauty.
Like always, what goes up comes down, and how!
A list of Bollywood bevies who went from bad to worse under the knife and came out looking like nightmares!
A countdown of Bollywood babes who got off the wrong side of a surgeon’s scalpel, and ended up looking like a wrongly assembled jigsaw puzzle!
Koena Mitra- Plastic surgery nightmare Koena lost her average looks when she underwent a cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts, nose and face. Her gamble did not pay-off as this bong beauty ended up with scar on her nose and thus, closed herself for an year. Now she has her nose corrected again, but alas! She did not play her cards well in this gamble. Koena had an adverse effect leaving her in the category of moderate looking gals in B-town despite great vital stats.
Rakhi Sawant- Sardonically, oops adoringly known as the item-queen of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant too underwent a cosmetic surgery. Item-Drama queen Rakhi got a set of bigger boobs to match her big mouth. Still breast augmentation did not proved fruitful for her career or life. Currently Rakhi is putting her big assets to test, and is on a look-out for her Mr. Perfect. Though looking at the recent developments in Rakhi’s swayamvar we might stand wrong, as Rakhi’s enhancement are working wonders for her personal life or shall we say publicity-oriented life. Too bad you can’t get a surgery for wagging tongue!
Mallika Sherawat- With oodles of sex appeal Mallika Sherawat has no doubt created her niche as the sexiest actress ever; mostly due to her humungous set of twins, which grab all the limelight, and that’s better as they take away all the attention from her pinched nose, which somehow make us wonder whom did she go to for that nose job, Dr. Victor Frankenstein?
- Esha Razdan/ Sampurn Media
Bollywood under Knife!

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