Billy Crystal was on Leno’s second last show to salute him

May 29th, 2009 - 5:47 pm ICT by GD  

All the ardent followers of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno will surely remember that it was Billy Crystal who inaugurated Leno’s show 17 years ago. As Jay Leno prepares to leave the show, Friday night’s episode will be his last one, Billy crystal had been called again to culminate the show fittingly. In the last seventeen years there has been drastic changes in the situations and the circumstances however, no harm has been done to the charm of either Billy Crystal nor Jay Leno.

When asked about his feeling about leaving the show, Leno replied, “Will I miss it? Yes, terribly. It’s the most wonderful job ever in show business.” Regular viewers will remember that the show began with Steve Allen as the host, way back in 1954. Since then the show has come a long way and nowadays it has become one of the most popular shows. From Monday, next week, O’Brien will host the show at a new studio in Universal City, while Leno will set himself for a new prime time show for NBC from this fall. Commenting on his new stint Leno said, “It’ll be really tricky. But we’ll just do the best we can.”

On Thursday night’s episode Billy Crystal returned to salute Leno by sining a musical medley for him. Crystal sang “Mustangs and Mazdas and shiny Mercedes, Model T Fords that he steals from old ladies” to the tune of “My Favorite Things.” The song was similar to what he sang at the Oscar ceremony as a part of the opening segment. While Billy was the guest, the acclaimed singer, Prince performed at the show.

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