Bigg Boss Season 3, Episode 18 - KRK asked to leave

October 23rd, 2009 - 2:12 am ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

Bigg Boss Season 3 Mumbai, Oct 22 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Yesterday’s fight took its toll today. Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK, was asked to leave the show at 3 in the morning, due to his violent nature. He had thrown a bottle at Rohit and had virtually fought with everybody in the Bigg Boss house yesterday. All the housemates had thought that they would pack their bags and leave the show, but instead before they could do so, KRK was asked to leave the Bigg Boss house and while he was packing, Bigg Boss also forbade everyone from speaking to him.

In the morning, Shamita cleans the girls room and while Tanaaz is putting on her makeup. Both of them discuss that they are the only ones who clean the room and nobody else does it. They are also worried about Aditi and Poonam’s hair fall, which messes up the whole room.

Then Tanaaz sits with Rohit and bitches about Claudia who, she says does no work at all, except helping with the chapattis. They discuss how she is the only one apart from Sheryl and Poonam who goes into the boy’s room and flirts there.

Meanwhile, the other participants of the weekly task ‘Talent Bonanza’ are going around the whole house, distributing invitations and asking everyone to come and watch their show. Sheryl goes around saying that she is going to do a body display show and the guys should come to watch it after a few drinks.

Rohit is taking a siesta, and the husband-wife duo Baktiyaar and Tanaaz go there and drop a chilly in his mouth. Unknowingly, he even eats it and soon his face flushes red. Then soon, he is seen bitching about Sheryl’s low IQ and Poonam agrees with him.

Claudia as usual hangs around with the boys and teases Baktiyaar about his non-existent 6-pack abs, which she says she has. Baktiyaar touches her tummy to make sure. In the garden area, Viddu is bitching about Rohit to Ismail and saying that he thinks that Rohit is the worst person in the whole house, when suddenly Rohit walks into that very area. Ismail diverts the topic to avoid an unpleasant and an embarrassing situation.

In the Talent Bonanza, Sheryl does a sensuous dance in which she takes off her clothes and even the accessories to popular applause. Poonam does a stand up act about a career minded woman who is pretty also and is intelligent also, but has a MCP for a husband. Bakityaar dances to a song, which is his son’s favorite. Claudia speaks in Hindi, on a one-on-one basis to all the housemates. At the end of her show, Rohit rushes forward to kiss her.

Then later in the night, everybody fixes up Rohit to make a meal the next day, he is scared and he ultimately starts crying. Later all the Bigg Boss housemates discuss the weekly budget and appropriately detail out their requirements on a white board and submit it to Bigg Boss.

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