Bigg Boss 4: Why Khali, The Great Almost Lost His Cool Nature?

December 30th, 2010 - 12:00 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

The reality show on colors ‘Bigg Boss 4′ has certainly reached its heights as the inmates are almost up to their necks in their patience waning to an all time low. Thus, with only the top five left and an eviction due on Friday, the inmates are at their wits end wondering what lies ahead.

The last episode saw Khali, the Great almost losing out his cool temper and bursting out with rage! It all began with the task of feeding the WWE champ as was the task set by Bigg Boss for the other housemates.

Since Dolly Bindra was cooking, Ashmit Patel had already fed Khali in the morning and Shweta Tiwari not able to do so as she was the captain of the week, it was Sameer Soni’s turn to feed the champ. But Sameer Soni was adamant and refused to feed the WWE champ. As it is Khali was quite hurt by the remarks passed by each inmate behind his back and this development was enough to let Khali almost lose his cool making everyone quite tense.

However as Khali, the great was quite embarrassed he did not say much but he overheard Sameer’s conversation with Shweta and could not tolerate what Sameer had to say about him.

Thus he straight away reminded him that despite Sameer’s rude statement about Khali that he is not able to walk properly, there had been no counter remarks from the champ.

This remark was enough to make Sameer realize that Khali the great was actually very angry. Since he did not want to take a chance with the WWE champ’s  anger he immediately said sorry.

Now Dolly Bindra who is much in favor of Khali burst out laughing and it left the others feeling quite infuriated.

Khali the great is now set to prove that he cannot be taken for granted!

–Niky Sharma / Sampurn Wire

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