Bhopal school holds snake exhibition for public awareness

August 4th, 2008 - 3:36 pm ICT by ANI  

By Ram Chand Sahu
Bhopal, Aug.4 (ANI): A school in Bhopal recently organised a daylong snake exhibition to spread general awareness about serpents besides encouraging a friendly relation between human beings and the reptiles.
Organised by Bhopal Academy School last week, the snake exhibition was an attempt to obliterate fear of snakes from students minds.
Students enjoyed watching the snakes specimen and the live snakes, which were put on display during the exhibition held in the school compound.
The exhibition tried to negate popular myths about snakes. Many students after attending the exhibition claimed that having learnt about the snakes, they were no more afraid of the reptiles.
“In this exhibition I came to know that though snakes don”t have ears but they do have internal ears. Therefore, neither we should not scare them nor we should harm them,” said Raina Acharya, a schoolgirl.
The exhibition also stressed upon building a bond of friendship between human beings and reptiles by promoting the message among students that all snakes do not necessarily attack people.
“We have organised this exhibition to spread awareness of snakes. We even taught the children that snakes were not harmful at all, and thus, they should be treated with care. With the motive to remove the myths about snakes amidst the people, we have organised this one day exhibition,” said Shahid Khan, a snake expert.
In India, a lot of religious minded look at snakes with reverence due to the legends relating them to Lord Shiva. It is considered irreligious to kill them.
Ancient Greeks and Romans regarded snakes as manifestation of God. In Egypt, the serpent symbolised fertility. Even the Hopi snake dance sacred to American Indians in south west part of America, symbolises it as god of fertility.
In India, snakes have been a popular subject of literature and folk art. (ANI)

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