Bella movie is all about celebration of Love, Life and Family

April 12th, 2008 - 12:16 am ICT by amritpal  

Saving America and the Planet, Science Fictions, Pre-historic films, perfect male-female bodies- this is all what we have been surrounded by which is called Hollywood Cinema. A sweet normal life is not visible on the screen. You sub consciously search for it and wish it was there. And Bingo…you got it…you have been granted your wish and that wish is ” BELLA”.

Take a peep into what has gone into the making of the film. Eduardo Verástegui makes it all clear[] . “I had it all, man,” says the actor-turned–film producer on the phone from Toronto, where he is promoting Bella, which he produced and also stars in. “The women, the money, the adulation. But you know what I found out? It means nothing. I was empty inside, with no purpose. It was then that “Bella” was conceptualised.

Its a film about ordinary people, people who want to live life “realsize” with their buddies, their families and make it beautiful. Jose meets Nina on a bad day when he finds out the reason for Nina’s grief. The story move gradually but smoothly from flashbacks and flash-forwards and explains the story to the audience.

One of the best moment comes when Nina meets the close knit and vibrant family of Jose. She completely feels at home here. Its an emotional story which one should see with ones family. Watch the movie for the performances, for the easy rhythm of the Latino Music, for the warmth, for the family ties, and for the purity of love and compassion.

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