Bachelor Jason chooses Melissa, but still loves Molly

March 3rd, 2009 - 6:45 pm ICT by David M N James  

Jason the Bachelor ABC TV delighted with a one hour and 45 minutes of a true love tangle, which ended with the Bachelor Hason Mesnick sending Molly Malaney packing. Jason was gasping and gaping, as the sensational bachelor became the prolific love stricken man. He chose Melissa Rycroft as his bride. Jason had shown immense interest on Molly Maloney however, he chose Melissa over her.

The ABC program brought the exciting scene where Melissa a 25-year-old former Dallas cowboy cheerleader screamed when Jason went down on his knees. The iconic Jason dropped on his knees and gave the ecstatic Melissa a ring. Molly is a 24-year-old Michigander. She seemed well placed until Melissa’s grand finale with Jason proved Jason to be more interested din Melissa.

Jason went down on his knee and gave Melissa a ring and the final rose. This was the epitome of the ABC TV show ‘The Bachelor’ “I’m going to be a Mesnick!” Melissa excitedly said. She then joined, Jason and his son Ty for a carefree jump into a pool in formal wear.

Jason had confessed that the chemistry between him and Melissa was completely different. He felt something special was there. A bond that was compelling. However, he confessed he still loved Molly. He told journalists amid fresh tears Jason revealed during the “After the Final Rose” “the chemistry’s was different with Melissa once the cameras were off. However, Molloy exit was preceded with various hilarious conjectures like ‘her heavy eye makeup is waterproof. That Melissa could not execute her signature move in a long yellow dress.

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