Au Pair Returns on Sunday Night

March 16th, 2009 - 11:13 pm ICT by GD  

The third part of the ABC Family original Au Pair, called Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise returns on Sunday Night, March 15, at 8/7 pm CST. The first two films in the trilogy were made when News Corporation and Haim Saban co-owned ABC Family. The latest offering will be the first of the trilogy made under Disney. Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl had written the script for the first two films.

In the third installment the other screenwriters will remain but not the Sabans and the director Mark Griffiths is also retained. Gregory Harrison, playing Oliver Caldwell and Heidi Lenhart take the family off for a vacation in Puerto Rico. While Jenny thinks that family bonding will work best in the tropical paradise, Alex and Katie have something else on their minds. Katie goes on the trip because she wants to establish the fact that she wants more independence as a young woman and Alex thinks of the tropics as a perfect place to get close to Katie’s hot friend Ariana who is accompanying the family for the vacation.

The vacation begins very well but Katie acts too independent and then the betrayal is before everyone’s eyes. Loyalties are tested and the whole vacation seems over.

Unlike the first two films that were shot in Europe this one will be shot in Puerto Rico. The interior sequences were sot in the Palmas Del Mar resort in Humacao that is an hour’s drive to the south east of San Juan.

Katie Volding is back to playing Katie and Jack Dinwiddle plays Alex. Kathleen Mealia plays Katie’s hot friend Ariana. Ciaran Tyrrell plays “Danny Taylor”.

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