Astro predictions of Bollywood’s 2010’s big movie releases

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Astro predictions of Bollywood's 2010's big movie releases Bollywood had a very bad 2009 with only a few films managing to do profitable business at the box office. The entire Hindi film industry is hopeful of having a much better 2010. As the line up of the film as of now looks interesting on paper, we take a detailed look into what destiny has in store about their box office prospects. Noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi tells us all

1) Rann: Starring Mr.Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh, this Ram Gopal Varma enterprise is releasing on 22nd January 2010. The title of the film adds up to Number 13 which is not considered much auspicious. But for RGV and Big B, Number 4 is amongst their better numbers and also for Riteish who is a Number 8 (December 17), the year 2010 is looking bright. According to me, Rann should do well at the box office.

2) Teen Patti: The title of the film is adding up to Number 37. The compound number 37 has a good meaning as per numerological texts, but the year 2010 does not support Number 1 in general and so the fate of the film looks dicey to me. Also as of now, the film is clashing with the much biggie Karan Johar’s “My Name Is Khan’ on 12th February 2010 and that can create further dent in it’s business.

3) My Name is Khan: One of the biggest films to come out this year, “My Name is Khan’ adds up to Number 37 which is Karan Johar’s strongest number. Even his “Kal Ho Naa Ho’ vibrated on the same number and that film remains one of the best to come out of Dharma Productions. For SRK, the year 2010 is not bad plus his pairing with the charismatic Kajol will draw fantastic response. But the film releasing on 12th February is not a great date as Numbers 1 and 3 do not gel well at all. The business of the film may drastically come down after the initial euphoria subsides. According to me, the film should be released a day or two earlier i.e. 10th or 11th February to make it the “biggest hit of the year’, else it may not turn out to be that way.

4) Kites: This international venture starring superstar Hrithik Roshan and Hollywood hottie Barbara Mori, can easily rank amongst the most awaited films of 2010. The release date is still not fixed but it may arrive sometime in March. The title of the film adds up to Number 15 which is a powerful octave of Number 6 but does not support Number 4 and 8. Unfortunately, the film’s director Anurag Basu is a Numer 8 person (8th May) and so his previous work may be compared to this film. Luckily 2010 is a favourable year for Number 8 people and also for Number 6 – producer Rakesh Roshan. For Hrithik, he may garner mixed reviews since 2010 does not support Number 1 people. Also he entering his 37th year (10th January 1974) may add to the pressure. He should take care that he does not create over hype for himself once the promotion of the film starts.

5) Rajneeti: Rumoured to be based on the life of Sonia Gandhi, this political saga by Prakash Jha has been in the news right from it’s inception and all through it’s making. Starring an ensemble cast of Ranbir, Katrina, Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal and Nana Paterkar the film was supposed to release in the early part of the year but now has been pushed to 28th May 2010. The title of the film adds up to Number 25 which is a favourable octave of Number 7. Luckily for most actors playing a part in this movie, Number 7 is amongst their best numbers and so the fate of the film is safe and that’s sealed. Also the release date of 28th May is a good one and everybody associated with film will benefit out of it.

6) Peter Gaya Kaam Se: After the surprise success of “Aamir’, this will be Rajeev Khandelwal’s second outing. The title of the film vibrates on Number 46 which is very good but since the year 2010 does not support anything to do with Number 1, that’s where this film shall take a beating. Even the release date of 26th February 2010 goes against the film and also Rajeev’s luck who is currently running in his 35th year will impact the film rather badly. Even despite being a good film, “yeh film jaayegi kaam se’.

7) Season’s Greetings: The release date of this film is still not fixed but from the very fact that the title of the film adds up to Number 58 i.e. Number 4 brings bad news. Even for the film’s leading lady Tabu, 2010 may not turn out to be a good year and it seems this film may not be “greeted’ well by the audience.

8) Karthik Calling Karthik: One more attempt by Farhan Akhtar at acting, the title of this film adds up to Number 53. Number 8 is a very tricky number and is known to give extreme results. Farhan is a Capricorn ruled by Saturn (Number 8) and even the release date has been fixed for 26th Feb. Luckily. the year 2010 supports Number 8 and it seems this film should sail safely and make it’s investors happy.

9) Chance Pe Dance: As the title says it all, the film is purely based on dance and who better than Shahid Kapoor to play the part? The film name vibrates on Number 53 and the release date is set for 15th January 2010. Shahid is running in his 29th year and will soon be entering his 30th. The film may not turn out to be a big success but may just about manage to do well since Number 8 can be pretty unpredictable at times. Shahid will garner great reviews and appreciation though.

10) Phillum City: One more movie on Bollywood dreams, the title of “Phillum City’ vibrates on Number 39 which is not considered auspicious but is not even inauspicious. The film’s leading man John Abraham will have a decent 2010 and so the outcome of the film looks decent. The release date of 11th March 2010 is also not all that bad and so the film should recover it’s costs if not more.

11) Shaapit: After singing and hosting various musical reality shows, Aditya Narayan finally jumps on to the bandwagon and debuts as an actor with this super natural thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt who has almost mastered in this genre. The film name adds up to Number 23 which is a positive compound number of Number 5 and so is Aditya’s age (6th August 1987). The release date of 26th February 2010 also works in his favour as Number 8 usually benefits Number 6 people. But for director Vikram Bhatt who was born on 27th January and being a Number 9 person, Number 5 is one of his weakest numbers. The film may not be turn to be Vikram’s Bhatt’s best works, but for Aditya his first step in Bollywood seems safe.

12) Paan Singh Tomar: This historic war film based on the lesser known character of the same name, the title of “Paan Singh Tomar’ adds up to Number 50 which is a strong octave of Number 5. Starring Irrfan Khan in the title role and directed by the very talented Tigmanshu Dhulia, the film’s release date is still not fixed but may arrive in the month of March. That is not very good news for the film or it’s makers. The film should ideally release after 20th May to see a better fate else a good film may remain unwatched by most people.

13) Kajraare: Himesh Reshammiya does not believe in giving up so soon and he will be trying his luck at acting with one more film, this time directed by Pooja Bhatt. Tentatively set for a March release, the fate of this musical love story seems doubtful. 2010 may not turn out to be a great year for Number 5 people in general and Himesh is doubly ruled by this number (23rd July 1973). Luckily for Pooja who will be entering her 39th year (24th February 1972) in 2010, she may receive some good reviews for atleast her work and that’s about it.

14) Koochie Koochie Hota Hai: The release date of this animated version of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ is still not fixed but the title of the film vibrates on Number 54. Number 9 is not amongst Karan’s weakest numbers but the year 2010 would support it as Number 3, 6 and 9 are like a family of numbers. Depending on the release date, the film should do just about average business.

15) Pyaar Impossible: Starring the unconventional pairing of Yash Raj scion Uday and Priyanka Chopra, this film was supposed to release in November 2009 but was pushed to 2010 to find a better placement. Now releasing on 8th January 2010, the title of the film adds up to Number 50. Good for Uday who is also a Number 5 person (5th January) and he may receive appreciation for his role in the movie. But being a bigger star, the film obviously rides more or less on Priyanka Chopra’s shoulders and for her Number 5 is one of her weakest numbers. Also she being in her 28th year will clash with the year 2010 which does not support anything to do with Number 1. So for that reason mainly, the film will meet with mixed results at the ticket window.

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Astro predictions of Bollywood's 2010's big movie releases

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