Asin Injured and Alone In Her New Home

June 19th, 2009 - 11:17 am ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Asin Injured and Alone In Her New Home By Subhash K Jha

Asin has badly injured her right leg while practising her martial arts Kalaripayattu in Kerala.

The leg, apparently, was so swollen that Asin could hardly move let alone walk the ramp at a film awards event that was to take place a few days later.

However, a commitment is a commitment. That’s what this spunky South Indian lass has been taught by her parents. So off she went limping to Macau all alone, and hiding it so well that no one knew the pain she was going through. Adding to her pain is the fact that Asin takes no allopathic medicines.

“Yes, that’s true,” admits Asin from her new spacious home in Green Acres Andheri. “It’s not just about the martial arts training. I’ve been brought up in an atmosphere where we don’t use artificial foods articles sweetners, spices, etc. In our home sugar is called “white poison’. We use only gur. I don’t take aerated drinks, chocolates, and junk food. And yes no allopathic medicines. Only ayurveda.”

Limping, though not showing it, Asin is back in Mumbai now. And instead of heading straight to her parents’ comforting home and lap, Papa’s little girl, now suddenly all grown up, headed straight to her new home where she’s nursing her leg and recovering in isolation.

Laughs Asin, “Why does that surprise you so much? Asin laughs heartily. “Everyone presumed I couldn’t take a step without my father just because he accompanied me everywhere. But eventhough I was the only child I was always taught to be selfsufficient and independent.”

Hence, although her parents live a stone’s throw away from her in Mumbai Asin doesn’t keep turning them for help or comfort.

“They live just two kms away. But they don’t come here at all. And I don’t visit them once in a while. I’m in this spacious house all alone. Even the domestic help comes only during the day time. It’s just me and my injured leg, and guess what? I”m just not feeling sorry for myself.”

And the fact that she’s using the ayurrvedic treatment prescribed by Kalaripayattu adds to the time taken for her healing.

“But I am enjoying my enforced time at home. I’m making new friends, learning to be selfdependent.”
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Asin Injured and Alone In Her New Home

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