Ari Squire: A Tale Of Greed And Death

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Ari SquareThe story of Ari Square is one that really does seem to be out of the screen of any Hollywood murder mystery. It is a gruesome story of treachery, fraud and murder. In 2005, Squire was convicted in the U.S District Court in Chicago on charges of over billing Medicare for $ 838,920 via AccuCare, a company which he used to run. This might be the reason which pushed him over the brink and led him to commit a gruesome murder.

In the month of February in 2008, Ari Square and his wife Denise plotted on committing an enormous insurance fraud. In hopes of collecting a multi million dollar insurance policy, Ari became friends with a man named Justin Newman, who had a very strong resemblance to him. Ari befriend Justin at a Home Depot in Illinois . He then lured the hapless victim with the promises of letting him have some construction job around his house. Newman was also made the offer of getting paid double of what he used to earn working in the Home Depot.

When Newman had finally come up to his house, Squire murdered him and dressed him up in his own clothes. He made it look like an accident had taken place, which resulted in the death. Squire crushed the dead body of Newman under the wheels of a truck and then set fire to the truck as well as the body. After that Squire went in to hiding in Missouri and let Denise call up the 911, to report the mishap. Though the police were initially fooled by Denise’s act, they later on became suspicious about the whole thing. More so when Newman’s mother reported his missing since the past two days.

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