‘Anthony Yaar’ - a cliched orphan’s tale (Tamil Film Review)

August 1st, 2009 - 5:00 pm ICT by IANS  

By Aravindan D.I.
Film: “Anthony Yaar”; Director: C.T. Pandi; Cast: Shaam, Mallika Kapoor, Lal, Vivek and Rajesh; Music: Dhina; Rating: *1/2

Actor Shaam has gone in for an image change — from that of a chocolate boy to an angry young man. But unfortunately director C.T. Pandi’s “Anthony Yaar” is a cliched story of an orphan brought up by a church priest.

The movie is about an orphan Anthony (Shaam), who is a fisherman brought up by a priest (Rajesh) in a church in a village. He is adored by everyone in the hamlet for his good deeds. Then enters Michael (Lal), an influential man who controls the whole village and dictates terms among the fisherfolk. As usual, Anthony opposes him.

Eventually he incurs the wrath of Michael, who with the help of his men inflicts bleeding injuries on Anthony and dumps him in the sea. The villagers gather at the church and pray for Anthony’s safe return.

Divine intervention brings a back a new Anthony — a strong angry young man. And he is back to take revenge and bump off Michael.

Shaam has tried his best to portray a rebel in the movie. Unfortunately his dubbed voice proves to be a major hiccup. He looks a mismatch in the role of a fisherman, who goes in catamarans to deep sea.

Mallika Kapoor dons the role of a college student who falls in love with Shaam. She adds some colour to the fare with her looks.

Lal, with his menacing eyes, fits the role well but he is fast becoming predictable. Vivek succeeds partially in comedy in the company of ‘Cell’ Murugan. Rajesh is good as the priest.

Dhina’s songs are as usual loud but catchy.

A cliched sequence of events and amateur handling of the screenplay take away all the sheen in “Anthony Yaar”.

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