American Idols; the heartbreak

March 28th, 2009 - 2:08 am ICT by David M N James  

Even the coaching of Smokey Robinson could not suffice to proffer the magic of remaining an idol. This is what really counted and its what mattered. As was hyped before the idols run, the choice of songs these American idols were doing were their tickets to heartbreak and the misery of leaving the show miserable and unhappy with unpopular decisions of just a few people renowned ‘judges’

The Motown experience a day before would have taught many how to stay put. However, it hardly implied the concept of being original and somewhat able to do something naturally. The idols are blamed by pundits for their ‘over-doing their thing.’ A comment I heard an hour ago lamented of the ‘tedious over-singing’ by these hopefuls.

I had mentioned earlier in the day that Michael Sarver would go home. My guess was right. His choice of song alongside his performance was dismal. When I looked at the Michael Sarver performance and gave it a thought, what I wrote was that he had bought his ticket home. And what is said is ‘After a Motown treat, American Idols are tonight are going home. Though not all of them, someone certainly will go home. According to Thaindian News Portal the only thing is likely to see someone go home is his or her choice of songs.

Thaindian News Portal recap of Last night’s episode of idols projects the context of ‘choice of music’ as the ticket home for contestants. Thaindian projected that like Alexis Grace who was a good choice but was booted out for singing the wrong song, Idols judges tonight might or will send home Scott Macintyre, Megan Joy, or Michael Sarver. Moreover, my guess was as a good.

Michael Sarvers grin when he was told ‘you are going home dude’ was enough to make me sad and say ‘hey folks’ give the poor hombre another chance!’ Then I thought, ‘well, the die was cast, besides, I had felt it coming.’ Michael Sarver was the picture of amazement, he did the obvious and I was sorry, he looked ashamed, insulted, frustrated, and embarrassed. He could not bring out the anger that comes along with such subtle pain.

Megan Joy, as I had procrastinated, wont be leaving idols soon unless a silly slip up. One thing is clear though, she has charged herself well. She can make it and if not so, she will be able to catch the judge’s attention and be saved. Now we have nine left and I guess more heartbreak, bad grins, embarrassment, and anger will fill screens as long as idols lasts.

Actually, Allison did a wonderful job. She proved she could do better. She managed to make an impression. Kris, who is popular with the ladies also made a mark with the right song. For the record, Scott gave a “cheap hotel performance.” Megan picked the wrong song and delivered a train wreck. Matt made a mark as usual. He was impressive with his performance. Sorry to say, he lacked some flair though.

According to the judges, Kris Allen needs more self-belief, according to Judge Simon. Kris is safe. He will continue practicing idol ship until he fails to. Simon as usual called a a pair, that is Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver. The judges concluded loudly that Michael needs more artistry in his act though not anymore. Lil’s song ‘heat wave’ gave her “no room to shine.” Jennifer Hudson and Kimberley Locke sang the song, and both fell into the bottom three when they were doing idols back then. Lil’s efforts in the song got her to safety. Michael, however, must join Matt on the stools.

A duet of “You’re the One for Me” by Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone rent the air. The person Smokey Robinson is well renowned for his great songs. When Allison Iraheta came on stage, she made the night electrifying. She did it well with a rocking performance, which sent her to safety without a notion of doubt she deserved it. Anoop Desai certainly is not popular with the boys but the girls love him. Some commentator said that ‘he got love from the girls, but snores from the guys’ He is said to be actually way off the mark with his performance.

When it was time for the real thing, and I don’t blame the judges for their rationale, Michaels Sarver was going home.. Am still hoping to get his words on his exit from idols and probably, my boss will be happy to run it. That was American Idols.

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