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March 26th, 2009 - 6:54 pm ICT by David M N James  

With fans saying aloud that the remaining idols should sing better songs, an American idol is actually at its prime. One thing is obvious, the songs these folks are singing need to be original at least. If Alexis Grace had chosen a better song, she could not have been booted out. The truly profound about the songs is that, they are really a problem and often, those who had a chance seem to loose it all with their choice of songs. In the case of Alexis Grace, it was pure failure to connect with her choice of song hence a doomed performance and a wide door to go home through.

For this episode, the remnants of the American idols spent some time with consummate professionals as I would call them Messrs Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson who are the renowned Motown mentors.

I watched Matt Giraud performance of Marvin Gayes ‘let’s get it on’ and the whole thing is somewhat amusing. The person has talent. According to the observations of any, the song matches his endeavor. He did one thing, moved from the stage and went for the crowd leaving his piano alone. That is amusing. However, it is way off though it is believed he set the stage for the night.

Kris Allen, another idol did ‘how sweet it is’ The song electrifies, though, he does impress and Simon said it was a cool performance. One thing about Kris Allen is, ‘he is loved by the girls since he has been hyped sexy and quite electrifying to them I guess. One thing Kris got right is, he did impress, and he was asked to add some swagger and confidence.

Scott Macintyre sang ‘you can’t hurry love’ one thing I feel could be eminent and you will share with me is that, this song will be his ticket home. He is reserved, terse, and quite distant in this song. As I had mentioned earlier, these idols should choose what is best for them before going on stage. The judges use archaic words, ‘he did not nail the tune, the tones, and the song’. By the way, Simon and Paula did have a fiasco…

Megan Joy sang. I have a soft spot for the belles since they always come first. Am wondering if that is correct. However, Megan did an awful job on this night. She did not impress and honestly, she might be on her way home. If she sung ‘my guy’ she could have done better. The same context of choosing the right song comes to be real.

Anoop Desai sang ‘ooh baby baby’ by Smokey and the Miracles. The one thing he didn’t know was, he needed to do it right and stick to that. It was the same advice that Smokey offered. ‘Sing it just the way you sang it here!’ Kara was impressed and Anoop got a thumb up for doing a hard thing. There is various people who actually did watch the episode made a point I have observed; Connection is achieved when you close your eyes!

Lil Rounds is fabulous and so thinks Smokey. She can sing all right. She did the song ‘heat wave’. Ironically, I reckon she is more of Jennifer Hudson when Jennifer was an idol. Truly, she has talent but she might get excited and over do her thing. Kara does not share my sentiments. she said she would scream. Lil should have chosen the right song.

Moreover, Michael Sarver with an ‘aint too proud to beg’ was not way off the mark. The guy has some voice. Its talent all right and Smokey advices that, pounding that song is the best resolve. Paula reckons that was profoundly Vegas for her. Kara disagrees, the guy needed to have done the right song.

That was American idols at Motown. In addition, the truly profound is that, the entire lot does not know how to put their acts right. Everyone including me think the idols should choose the right songs for their stage performance.

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