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Mar 17 (THAINDIAN NEWS) American Idol opened with the three judges letting the audience know that their hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. At the end of the show, fans will be able to donate to the Red Cross, and other organizations in order to help this ravaged nation in their time of tragedy.

Then it was time for the show to begin live from Hollywood, after Ashton Jones was sent home last week by the television audience, and the judges chose not to use their save to keep her. Last night, the remaining top twelve competitors performed in an effort to convince America to vote for them, hoping to be the next ‘American Idol’.

This week, each contestant must sing a song from the year they were born.

The first song of the night? “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Naima. Although it was a good performance, she really needed to bring it if she was going to do a Tina Turner song, and I am not sure she did. Steven felt she did, he loved it. Jennifer said she brought her own flavor to it, but that hse is consistently pitchy. Randy agreed with Jennifer.

Paul McDonald had a cold as he came up to sing “I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues” by Elton John. Jennifer gave him a pass because of the hoarse throat, and said she loved it. Randy and Steven both said that he was pitchy, but he was great, and that he had created his own “brand” and seemed to be marketing it well.

Thai sang Vanessa Williams’ “Colors of the Wind” and literally took the breath of her listeners. Randy said the vocals were okay, (as the audience booed) but he did not like her singing the ballads, and it felt boring for him. (more booing from the audience) Steve agreed with the audience boos. Steven said she had a beautiful voice, and asked her if the song was who she wanted to be. Jennifer wanted to hear more of the uniqueness of her voice. “Push out of the box,” J-Lo told her.

James came out to sing and revealed that he, Casey, Stefano, and Paul have formed a band outside of American Idol. James decided to go with Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There for You.” He gave a terrific performance, although his vocals were a bit shaky. Randy felt it was very tastefully done. Jennifer told him that she loved it and that he was great and makes her act crazy and want to sing with him. Steven promised to sing with him if he makes it to the finals.

Haley was up next, and had to sing a song from 1990. She chose “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and she rocked it! Jennifer said she had an amazing voice with a lot of character, but is still a little tense in her body. Randy said that he is not sure that she knows who she is, because she has sang so many different styles. Steven liked the Janis Joplin style which she started with, and told her to dig into that more.

Stefano broke out with “If You Don’t Know Me By Now,” and was awesome! Jennifer sang along from her seat, Stafano brought it, and the audience went wild. Randy called it the best performance of the night so far. Jennifer screamed ,”Ten Ten, Ten!” And told him that it was the perfect song for him and that he could really win this thing. Steven loved the way he phrased the song, and the way he brought it out. All three judges were thrilled.

Pia went with “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and as usual, she did wonderfully. Steven told her that she is why the show is called “American Idol.” Jennifer loved it and was thrilled that the song had a faster tempo. Randy said that Pia is in the competition to win it.

Scotty McCreery chose “Can I Trust You With My Heart?” by Travis Tritt. His voice is unbelievable for his age, but was a little shaky from the start. Jennifer told him that he pushed it out there a little more for us at the end, and she loved it, it was amazing. Randy said that he did Tritt proud. Steven told him that he is going places.

Karen is the last remaining online contestant, meaning that she auditioned from her own home via the internet. She performed “Love Will Lead You Back.” She sang parts in Spanish once again, which the judges liked…once again. Randy and Steven felt she started rocky but did well, and Jennifer said she did well to sing through the nervousness.

Casey was up next, with an electric bass guitar, and American Idol’s first Nirvana song. He rocked the stage with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, although it was a little off. Steven told him he was crazy good, and talented. “You got it, man!” Jennifer told him that Kurt Kobain’s shoes were big to fill on that song, and he did great, even though it was a little screechy at times. Randy loved that he took risks, putting art first, and loved that Casey is fearless.

Lauren Alaina was sick as well, with the flu. She sang “I’m the Only One,” and even with the flu, she was amazing! Jennifer said she could hear her voice strong and she made it hers. Randy “That was very nice so have a cold every week.” Steven agreed, the hoarseness in her voice made her sound even better. All three judges loved it.

For the last performance of the night, Jacob brought us “How Will I Make it Alone” by Heart. His passion was on fire, and burned brightly for the audience to see as he belted out the lyrics. Randy said he was in it to win it and it was awesome. Jennifer loved that he gives himself completely to every song and every performance, and stated that the audience can see that. Steven exclaimed, “I think gospel had a baby and they named it “Jacob.”

Tune in tonight to see who America voted out of ‘American Idol.’ You can cast your vote online as well, immediately after the performance shows each week here,

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