American Idol: Season 9 Episode 2: Mary J Blige Stars

January 14th, 2010 - 1:28 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

By Angela Kaye Mason
American Idol Jan 13 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The first contestant on last night’s “American Idol” sounded quite strange, and sang a song he had written himself. He blamed the fact that he did horribly on Simon having him “shell-shocked.” He kept singing even after they told him “no” until they finally had to order him to leave. Keaia Johnson, 26 years old, won a “Miss Congeniality” award on the Miss America beauty pageant. She sang “The Heart Does Go On.” Mary J Blige said she can really sing. They all said she was genuine, and all of them liked her, including Simon. She got a “yes” from all four judges. Miriam Lenouni came next, and she was good, as were the next few to come through. They all got their Golden Tickets.

Jermaine Sellers is a church singer who takes care of his mom who has Spina Bifida. He did his own rendition of “What If God Was One Of Us.” He was so good, really! Randy said out of all of the voices they had heard, this was the best, Mary said he was annointed. They all said “yes.” Television show host for “411 The Show” Christie Marie was next and sang “Love is a Battlefield.” They had to let her down, because she was not very good at singing. She was quite unhappy and said that American Idol was one show that she would NOT be promoting as she marched off in a huff. A whole lotta “no’s” came next.

The next person to try out was a girl from Tennessee, named Vanessa Wolfe. She lives in a trailer, paid five bucks for a new dress to wear, and says this is her chance to get out of the small town she grew up in. She was a very good country singer. I truly liked this girl, and hope she gains a little confidence through this experience, because she is a rare soul. Simon said that there is something about her that he likes, although she is very ill prepared for this, but that she stood out for him. They all gave her a “yes” and off she ran, barefoot in a 5 dollar dress, a truly beautiful blue-eyed, blonde haired country girl, who is living a dream. An interesting side note, this girl from Vonore Tennessee is all over Twitter right now, it seems she has touched the hearts of everyone, and brought tears to their eyes (yes, mine too).

Holly Harden came next, wearing a guitar outfit. She called herself “guitar girl” and said she is the next greatest thing. Her voice surprised me. She sang “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man” She got her ticket! The next few to come through were not so good, but Mallory came along and won them over with “Take It.” Many more contestants made it through to Hollywood, causing Kara to proclaim, “I am loving Atlanta!” Antoni AKA “Skiiboski” sang “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and did great, even though he had a weird presence. Randy and Mary both tried to tell him that he had a great voice but his personality was messing him up. He made it through, in spite of Simon’s “inequitable ‘no’” The next two girls, best friends, auditioned together, and one made it through and the other did not. And it seemed as though this started a whole line of bad singers.

Brian Walker, a police officer from Severeville Tenn. came next, and auditioned for Kara, Randy, and Mary, since Simon had taken a break. He was so terrific, as Kara said that it what was so good about this job, that he was really good. Randy and Mary agreed. He got his Golden Ticket. Then a horrid rendition of “Rose on A Grave” caused the three judges to try and make a man understand that he did not sing that well, although he had a great voice. He got pretty angry and cursed at them. They tried to further tell him that he just needed to be trained further, and he had to be led out by security guards, cursing them all and storming off in the rain. The next try-out was an older rap star(62 years old) who performed his own song”Pants On The Ground” It was HILARIOUS, and Simon said he had the feeling that this song could be a hit, however the age limit for American Idol is 28 (guess that counts me out). Simon said, and I agree that this was most likely not the last we would hear of this man and his song. I tend to agree.

There were a lot of good and touching moments, some anger, and lots of laughs in this show. Next week should be interesting and fun as well. I can’t wait! Thank you for reading, and please remember to Buzz Up and ReTweet! You’ll do that for me won’t you? Thanks!

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