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March 23rd, 2009 - 1:06 am ICT by David M N James  

American Idol The concept is always ‘one more goes home tonight!’ It is a norm and no one can rule it out. Idols is all about ‘who is safe’ and what’s next once you get the red light beacon suggesting that you are ‘going home?’ On season 8 episode 22 on March 18, I happened to look at what it was all about ‘the safe, the unsafe, and who was going home today’. I was not amused. Here is the recap..

Ryan Seacrest put it clean about pulling out the bottom three. Therefore, he called Gokey, Rounds and Desai. These three are safe. Just like I thought. These three will be joining American Idol summer tour! Voila! I say…but a rude shock for those who loved Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver. Seacrest asks them to stand up. He asks Paula who’s the bottom three, Alison rates Allisson, so Seacrest agrees and asks Allisson to take a stool!! And the same applies to Michael who rates bottom 3 as well. ‘What a pity?’ I whimpered!

Paisley, the Country star is introduced. The singer does his new song and then Seacrest comes back to cause havoc. Macintyre is called and he is asked to pack for the summer tour. Megan Joy, Matt Giraud also are safe and will be packing bags for the summer. Simon Cowell opinion is not changed, he still believes Adams performance previously is still rubbish. Allison Iraheta is sent to safety, Allen Kris is sent to misery land. And worst of all, Michael Sarver or Alexis Grace should go home unless otherwise…that is if the judges save them.

Seacrest pays tribute to the Grand Ole Opry with Carrie Wood who is introduced alongside Randy Travis. The audience screams. The say something and perform duet ‘I told you so’. Now, the fun is over and Ryan asks the judges if they want to save the two. The judges beam that they have considered saving one. They save Michael Sarver. Simon tells Alexis that they are considering saving her. She sings Jolene, the judges say it is a good performance but well, that is it, they just say she will have a great future,.. just like that indeed. Alexis exits American idols

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